11 Beauty survivals you must know from Dr. Fazeela Abbasi

A Pakistani fashion & celebrity dermatologist!

Famous dermatologist Dr. Fazeela Abbasi just gave such a small interview of what beauty trends exactly will come on way to 2015 and how to carry your good looks with a perfect makeover.

Suggest any 3 main points that we have to focus when we buy any cosmetic product?

For foundations & concealers:
Select mineral base for oily skins & creamy base for dry skins

For lip sticks:
Try to use the ones that are not longer lasting as some of the ingredients added to give lip shades a longer stay can badly damage the lips. Use the ones that have SPF in them during the day time. Avoid using lipstick when there are cold sores on or around lips as the usage of same contaminated lipstick can keep on giving break outs

For eye makeup removers:NYX-Cream-blush-red-cheeks-swatches1
Select the ones that do not have alcohol in it as the eye area is the most sensitive area on face & the constant use of alcohol based eye makeup removers can eventually lead to skin damage in this area giving rise to dark circles & premature wrinkles.

What are the best easy tips to apply before starting makeup for this fresh breezy air especially for sunny days?

In any season, the best way you can pull off any kind of makeup is to have a healthy glowing fresh skin underneath it. The first thing a dry skin should have is a ceramide based moisturizer underneath a base or foundation. An oily skin is supposed to have a toner or astringent or a serum in it before starting off with makeup layering so that oil control can be achieved for longer. For dry skin, tinted moisturizers with SPF in them would be the best thing as a makeup foundation. Sprinkle mineral powder on it to have a nice finish. For oily skin, mineral based foundations are available along with mineral powders & blush on. Spray with ionic water to give the nice finish & seal in the minerals for a longer lasting finish.

To give sexy glow skin touch, what should I consider most, creamy or cakey blush-on???1287540814bma2q0
Creamy blush-on is for dry to very dry skin. Mineral blush-on is for oily to combination skin.

In summers, most of the people suffer from very stinky body smell…So suggest some home remedies of how to get rid of?
Apart from few metabolic disorders, the general rule is that sweat does not carry smell in it. It’s the bacteria sitting on body giving rise to stinky odors. So wash off the body especially underarms & private body parts with a PH balancing body wash regularly which is once before retiring to bed and once during the day time.

What should be better, matt lipsticks or gloss in this season?nudelips
A natural nude lip color is the trend in vogue. It can be brightened up at night for sure to add glamour.



As hair gets too greasy again and again after taking shower, so what to do?
First of all scalp PH balancing sulphate free shampoos should be used as scalp 1126does not get oily with their usage. Secondly dry shampoos are also available now for a quick no rinse shampooing.

How can I keep my cuticles healthy during this time?
Cuticle is like any other skin on body & needs a good moisturizer to maintain its health. Use the ones having urea, ceramides & hyaluronic acid. Urea will keep this skin hydrated as well as help in keeping it sloughing off. Ceramide containing moisturizers make the skin robust & healthy by constructing the top most skin cell layers. Hyaluronic acid moisturizers are the new trend now to seal in the moisture & to make you have a young plumped up skin on hands. It’s a must in your hand bag.

What’s the best way for me to reduce and mask heat-induced redness?
The best way is to have a healthy skin. A normal skin having enough moisture in it will not get irritated & that red. Make sure to consult a dermatologist to help you choose the right kind of moisturizer according to your skin type. Sometimes skin needs a simple moisturizer instead of a fancy expensive one. It’s something like this ——A person is thirsty & needs plain water but you are offering him the lavish cocktails. Obviously his thirst will not b quenched. There are skin conditions like rosaceous & lupus where there can be persistent redness & requires medical intervention.

Now days, very bad smell comes from shoes when we take off after such a hectic working day…so suggest how to get rid of?
The best way is to make sure not to wear closed shoes for that long that it makes you have sweaty feet. You should be able to take a break & give some air to the feet. Secondly wear cotton socks instead of polyester & nylon ones to soak in the sweat. Thirdly keep the shoes in open air or under sunlight for an hour or so dry them up. The last but not the least tries using some anti fungal powders in the shoes ones in a while to disinfect them.

What is best to apply in this season…Water proof liners or eye pencils?
I suppose both should be fine. It’s a matter of personal choice & the availability.

“Wash off the body especially underarms & private body parts with a PH balancing body wash regularly which is once before retiring to bed and once during the day time…”


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