Celebrating Mother’s Day

This week, Social Diary asked our much loved celebs to pour their hearts out for their mothers! Here is what they shared!

Sana Fakhar

Meri maa meri saheli..maa ki kadar maa bunay kay baad ziyda hoti hay ..when ever she z with me that’s my mother day ❤️

Kinza Hashmi

If there is anyone in the whole world for whom i can do anything, without a single thought, its solely my mother. She is my strength, my hero and the first love of my life actually words cant even explain the emotions that i feel for her. She has done so much for me my mother has sacrificed her entire life just so i could live the best life i hope to ALLAH that my mother recieves all the happiness in the world. All i want in life is for her to smile everyday and never have to face a bad day ever in her life she deserves the entire world and more. I will never understand how she manages to go on with her life she supresses the pain and lives her life. i could never do it i could never be like her. I love her more than any man i will ever love i love her more than the future children i will have she will never truely understands what she means to me. Through your platform i want to tell her that i love her more than anything in the world


Adeel Chaudry

Thank you for laughing with us in the best of times and sticking with us through the worst of times.


Tabbasum Arif

Mommy,Have a wonderful mother’s day in heaven. I love you and always will. You are just a thought away I will never forget you, but I know you are happy in heaven.Your lovely daughter who misses you dearly.

Ghana Ali

Happy Mother’s Day to a woman who truly does it all! I love you so much! Thank you for everything you do for us!”

Maham Amjad

My dear mama, I love you and I will always seek your comfort no matter how old I get, this is something you already know. What you don’t know is that this past decade I have seen you more like my child than my mother hence always been super protective of you and sometimes went over board with it but that is only because like you, I have also just wanted the best for you. No matter where I am I will always have your back. Much love!

Mishi khan

Mummy ya Amma i call her has been a pillar of strenght in my life. Mashallah full of wisdom and verve & the best thing is that she is fearless of sharing her views about anytjing be it fashion, music, films, religion , values & morals. Has the most amazing humour with a pinch of positive sarcasm.
She is my love thats why i call her Mummy Love❤❤May God give her health & happiness always. I love her to the moon & back. Love you Amma jee you are fabulous 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Fatima Shaheen

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who gave me life & taught me love.You are a mother ,like no other! Love you load

Fatima Zuhaib

To my mother and mil, thanku for being there for me through every difficulty and hardships and every happiness and being such a wonderful grandmothers to zahroon. You both are always so selfless. You’re the best and we feel so blessed to have you !!

Tehmina khaled

Happy mother’s day amah, thank you for always being cool and calm in the worst possible situations,thank you for all the religious,social and family values you inculcated in me and my siblings …i love you to the moon and back …may God almighty give you longest ,healthiest and happiest life …❤❤❤❤

Leyla Zuberi

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the woman who loves you without conditions and expectations , though one day is not enough , every day should be a Mother’s Day , what she does for us is more than we can ever repay . I want to thank my mother for all the love , affection , care she gave me , what I am today is just because of her , I love you Ammi ..

Saim Ali

Mama I would never ever describe the world in a few words , I would never sum up the distance to the moon and back , mama I can never describe the centre of the universe in a few words so how would I describe how much I love you and how much you mean to me ♥ happy Mother’s Day

Kunwar Ali Nafees

My Mother has been everything to me. My inspiration, motivation, my hope to live and my life. She passed away in January this year leaving us all sad, grieving with a space that can never be filled again. Being a simple, honest, naive woman, a dedicated mother and home maker, there could be nothing more I could have asked for in a mother.
Happy mother’s day to all. Because having your mothers around is the biggest blessing and no one can replace them. Mothers never die. They are always with and around us with their prayers. Looking forward to reunite with her in my life after Insha’Allah.


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