Ginseng Green Tea – Your New Best Friend!


By :Madiha Amjad

 Summers are here, and so are countless skin problems! And if you love mangoes as much as we do, getting those naughty little pimples can be a side effect we all simply hate! So don’t stop yourself from munching on those mangoes, just give yourself an extra layer of nutrients by sipping on some healthy Green Tea!

Now, we know you’ve read countless blogs about herbal teas but this one is direct! This green tea, made in Ginseng will do wonders for your skin! Ginseng is a plant famously used by the Chinese for various health benefits, medicines and a healthy diet too!

Ginseng Green Tea by Roots & Herbs should be your number one choice because of its countless benefits and the power of being hundred percent ORGANIC which means no side effects at all! With the goodness of Ginseng, Cardamom, Green tea leaves Mint & a kiss of lemon..Getting the perfect skin glow, burning calories and losing weight has never been so easy, and that too in this all in one package, which tastes and smells great too!

Lets take a quick look on the positives of this miracle green tea!😍😍

Purifies Blood

This tea purifies your blood when taken twice a day, regularly. Blood purification is something your skin will definitely thank you for and give you the much needed, natural pinkish tint to the cheeks! 😍

Tones up liver

Smooth liver functioning can prevent you from so many diseases and this is what this tea does for you, it cleanses and detoxifies your body from all the unnecessary and harmful toxins, making you stronger mentally, emotionally and physically!

Slows aging

A green tea that can make you look younger? Yes please! 😍

Aging is a natural process and specially if you’re 30+, you need to look after your skin to keep those wrinkles away, so make sure you make this tea a part of your staple!

Controls Blood pressure

Save yourself from all those medications by simply going for this amazing green tea! What’s better than a natural antidote?

Lower cholesterol and uric acid

You wouldn’t want to join this bandwagon because it’s definitely not a good ride! Save yourself before its too late and make this green tea your best friend to burn all the harmful enzymes!

Prevents excessive body fat

Get rid of that stubborn body fat and become the best version of yourself! 😍

Fights against fatigue and sluggishness

Say goodbye to the old and lazy YOU and shake hands with a much healthier and active version of yourself!

Are you convinced yet?

We are sure you are, so go ahead and check out this tea and come back with your feedback!








All these benefits with JUST ONE product…that is Ginseng Green tea! 😍 So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab this miracle product for your new amazing self!

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