13 Beauty survival tips you must know from Redah Misbah


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Famous beautician Redah Misbah just gave such a small interview of what beauty trends exactly will come on way to 2015 and how to carry your good looks with a perfect makeover.

  1. What is the favorite ‘monsoon evening’ look?

Wavy hair achieved by volume mousse by Label.m and leave in conditioner- gives the perfect texture and dewy skin with a washed eye shadow highlighted by a matte Champaign in the inner corners of the eye and brow bone with bright lipstick.

  1. What is the best way to achieve a bronzed look if you are tanned?

The best way to achieve the perfect tan is to invest in the right sun care like Guinots sun care range and after find the perfect shimmery bronzer or blush like ethereal glow by Masarrat Misbah Makeup.

  1. I am completely fair and get super oily skin in this season however my makeup still seems to look dry and flaky. What types of cosmetics should I opt for to get solve this?

If your skin is oily and your makeup tends to flake your skin is either dehydrated or you’re using the wrong cosmetics. For dehydrated skin you have to follow a good skin care regime – cleanse, tone, moisturize 2 times a day and exfoliate one a week and for your foundation choose a light coverage long wear foundation like Masarrat Misbah Makeup Silk Foundation in fair.

  1. What’s the best way for me to reduce and mask cold-induced redness?

Apply a thin layer of concealer that has green undertones as it neutralizes red followed by a light layer of foundation – does the trick!

  1. My lips tend to chap easily in this season, what can I do?

Exfoliate once a week, you can make a sugar scrub at home by mixing equal parts of almond oil and brown sugar, use a lip balm right after. What really helps is sleeping with something potent on your lips like Elizabeth Ardens 8 hr cream or even petroleum jelly. Always remember water is the cheapest beauty product so drink up!

  1. How do I keep my hair healthy during the summer months?

Use the right products, a shampoo and conditioner specific to you needs and remember your hair needs sun protection as much as your skin does so invest in a heat protective product like heat protection spray by Label.m.

  1. What’s the make-up color scheme for this hot breezy air?
    Golds, browns, Champaign with pops of color like cobalt, deep red and bright pink.
  2. How can we get the smokey eye look for summer night out?

The smokey eye basics you need are a brown and black eye shadow like velvet night and velvet mocha by Masarrat Misbah makeup and a good highlighter in either gold or silver by Artdeco. Remember the key is layer which means do not apply a lot of color straightaway but start with less and layer on the shadow slowly. Blend in the brow shadow into your sockets and under eye and then start adding black all over you lid and outer corners of the under eye. To finish off use the gold highlighter on your brow bone and the inner corners of your eye.

  1. What lipstick color will suit my warm-toned skin best this season?

You can get a nice nude pink or if you dare to be different get a burnt orange it will compliment your skin perfectly.

  1. To achieve a glowing dewy makeup look should I focus more on highlighters of blush-ons?

I always do a mixture; blush-on my cheeks and highlighter on the highest part of my cheekbones.

  1. How often should we get a manicure and pedicure? How do I make nail color last long?

In the summers I suggest you get a pedicure at least once a week to every alternative week and a manicure every alternative week. Take care of your hands and feet at homes also by regularly exfoliating and moisturizing. The rules of making nail color last is to apply base coat, followed by two thin layers of nail color and a thick coat of top coat targeted to the tips of your nails.

  1. How frequent we should go for facials & cleansing this time?

Well I recommend a minimum of once every 2 weeks to get a professional cleansing or facial however at home you must cleanse your skin at a day and night, tone and moisturize and do not leave the house without sun block.

  1. I feel like my hair fall increases in monsoon season, what do I do?

Hair fall can be seasonal for some people and hair fall problems in the monsoon are very common. Remember to use an organic shampoo and conditioner that is light on your hair, oil your hair always from the ends up and lightly massage your scalp with whatever oil is left by the time you reach your roots, use natural products that oxygenate and rejuvenate like pure aloe vera gel and lastly remember to take your vitamins- get a hair specific supplement like biotin.



“If your skin is oily and your makeup tends to flake your skin is either dehydrated or you’re using the wrong cosmetics…”


In the summers I suggest you get a pedicure at least once a week to every alternative week and a manicure every alternative week…!



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