Style Guru Tabesh Khoja

Tabesh Khoja, the most famous guy in fashion world talks about things close to his heart and mind in this tete-a-tete with us!

What three things would you carry with you always?
Phone Wallet Witt.

One thing you always do on the sets, which you hate but still love to do?
I am usaully there to style and I love it too much so there is nothing tht I hate!

What important lesson have you learned from your past?
Jis paye ehsan karo uskay shar see bacho .

A past project you regret doing?
I do not regert anything.

What attracts you in a person?


Three things on your bucket list for next year?
Travel travel travel.

What is your deepest fear?
I fear God Only.

The worst part of your job is?
A lot of pressure and responsibility.

Your idea of party and what turns you on?
with friends only.

A talent you wish you had?
I feel I am blessed enough ! Alhamdullaih

An app other than the usual Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook you use often?
Online shopping apps

The most romantic place around the world you have ever been to?

Weirdest comment you have ever had?
You are always on phone!

The hardest punishment ever received?
have never experienced punishment.

With whom you share your all kinds of secrets comfortably?

If pissed off, how do you vent your anger?
Phone a friend

Your one-word description of……..

Life Beauty
Friendship Love
love Trust

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

The most precious relationship that you have experienced during tough times?
relationship based on trust and faith !

Have you ever been cheated on?

Aren’t we all

If you give another chance to live your life. What will you do?
Things I have missed doing.

What is your fitness regimen like?
Eat healthy.

What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
One should be on a holiday when it’s a perfect time.

One celebrity you would like to accompany you to space in a rocket?
Dua lipa

What do you love most about your profession?
I get to meet a lot of people coming in from difrent cultures and backgrounds which gives me a lot of learning.

A fashion designer you prefer?

Do you prefer a love marriage, arranged marriage or being single?
Love marriage being single

Describe yourself in three Words.
dedicated, composed, sensitive

Your strangest talent?
If it is a tamely how can tht be strange.

Your favorite pastime during the lock down phase?

Who has been your pillar of strength?

My family

What puts you off?

WhatsApp, FB, Instagram or Twitter?

What do you wish you had known sooner in life?

Facetime or Skype?


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