MUSHK KALEEM Fashionista

She is certainly the one who came, who saw and who conquered! See this fashionista talking to us about every aspect of her personal and professional life!   

Please tell us about your background; DOB, family, siblings education, etc.
I know many people don’t believe me when I say this but I’m 26 years young, born on August 27th 1994. I have 3 brothers and I’m the only sister. I come from a surprisingly conservative family that has now somewhat opened its mind to my profession and made peace with it.
How did you enter the modeling industry? Who was your inspiration?
I’ve grown up watching shows like America’s Next Top Model. I’ve always idolized models like Yasmeen Ghauri and Naomi Campbell. I entered the modeling industry by accident! Decided to do one show, one shoot and then all quickly became history. Alhamdulillah, it has been onwards and upwards since then.
You have an amazing portfolio and we know that you love all the work that you do. However, share with us the designer/campaign you most enjoyed working in. Why?
I enjoy working with Khadija Shah and Shehla Chatoor. I love their work ethic, their vision for their campaign, and just them as strong, powerful businesswomen.
What is your most treasured fashion?
My most treasure fashion item would be my mum’s gold earrings and beautiful Cartier diamonds earrings I got for myself.
If we take a sneak peek into our closet, what three items we can find?
Lots of denim, basic shirts and blazers.
The profession you belong to requires being very health conscious. How do you keep yourself so slender and fresh?
I try to keep my diet as calorie conscious as I can. I try to work out whenever I can but with the kind of schedule I have, it’s not easy to manage.
E-shopping has taken over like a storm. Are you’re an e-shoppie? Why or why not?
I don’t shop online. Can’t buy it till I try it!
You definitely are the top and the most looked-up-to models of our industry. Please describe your style philosophy
My style philosophy is cozy, comfortable and casual. My outfits are also almost entirely mood based. I love waking up in the morning and standing in front of my wardrobe, and planning my look in my head.

if we ask you to tell a few tips for dressing up in less pricey way, what would you suggest?
You don’t have to get a new outfit every week for every event! Mix and match and utilise every item in your wardrobe!
How has being a celebrity at such a young age affected your personal life?
I believe one of the biggest issues that you can face under the spotlight is who to trust. Some place will pretend to have your best interests at heart, but they might only do that cause they want a favour from you later on. You can’t be too friendly with anyone.
How do you maintain a balance between your busy professional life and personal life?
I always find time. It’s hard but it isn’t impossible. After a long day of work, I love coming back home to my pets and spending time with my baby brothers. Family always comes first.
What kind of a person are you outside of your professional life?
I’m very crazy, and hyper. I’m full of energy and pretty much the class crown. I love it.
Do you plan to join film industry? Why or why not?
I would love to but in due time. I have background in theatre so I’m not unfamiliar with acting. But right now I’m focused on my modeling career.
Our society is biased towards a few things. How do you tackle the negativity being in a profession which is not digested by many out there?
You need to walk around with blinders. People will still talk and the society will always find ways to criticize. So it’s best to block out anything that disrupts your juju!

Do you think the modeling industry offers some really good and sincere friends to someone as successful as you are? Who actually are your best friends hailing from the same industry?
I keep work and friendships separate. But I believe everyone in the industry is fierce, passionate and downright awesome!
Three tips to someone who is trying to enter the fashion and beauty field?
Stay true to yourself. Never ever work for free. Be punctual.
Your message to your fans through the platform of Social Diary Magazine?
Thank you for all the love and support you showed me with. My fans are amazing.



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