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Muhammad Shah Debuts in Asim Abbasi’s directorial series !

Asim Abbasi’s most anticipated series starring Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed has been garnering attention as the lead pair comes back on Zindagi to spread their magic. The series has not just been garnering attention for the pair but also for the innovative way in which the director has been introducing the characters on his social media pages. He also recently introduced Muhammad Shah a talented young rapper from across the border who, is set to make his debut in India through the series. Popularly known for his quirky videos and social media content, Muhammad Shah will be seen playing an integral role in the series. An internet sensation, Muhammad Shah was recently appreciated by Alia Bhatt for a rap video he had dedicated to her, to which the actress had commented “Bahut hard” on his video. This comment went viral on the internet making Muhammad popular in the subcontinent including India. The series will be launched on ZEE5 later this year.

Meet the ’13-Year’ Old Designer

This little girl has talent at par to no one! Mehreen Ahsan has amazed us with beautiful dresses designed by her for her Barbie dolls. She has such a creative and unique mind which is already showing so much potential! Here is a little talented girl making her own place and standing out from a crowd! She is definitely becoming the center of attention of social media. The reason why she creates her own stuff is because she just can’t find anything which is unique and distinctive in the market. And while it was just for her in the start, now, at the age of 13 years, Mehreen has sold over 250 dolls’ dresses with the help of the internet to market her products. You go girl!

Don’t Overthink It – By Anne Bogel

Has anyone here experienced overthinking once in your life? Well, don’t worry! We’ve all been through those phases where we think a lot for no reason, and our anxiety will eventually start to build up until it causes us to let the little things swell into mountainous hurdles. The American author makes sure that her readers find actionable strategies that can make an immediate and lasting difference in how you deal with questions in life through her book. Each chapter will offer you a framework for making choices you’ll be comfortable with, using an appropriate amount of energy for different circumstances and ways to focus on what really matters in life!

The Softest Home Vibes

What’s better than having a great sleep. Your comfort is what matters the most. And at Girhasti you can enjoy some of the best home quality pillows, blankets, bed sheets and more. Check out the beautiful look, extra absorbance,high quality, which comes at a low price. Also check out the amazing towel range that is amazingly soft and also provides a major quality statement. We are also loving the cotton bed sheet sets which are amazing looking while being incredibly soft!

Dreamy Iftars!

When it comes to dining galore, OTT restaurant simply stands out. It has always had so much amazing food to offer and with Ramadan vibes, you would love their iftar and sehri buffets. With sehri, you have 20+ items that are so extremely delicious. Whereas the iftar+ dinner buffet has mouth watering option of more than 40+ dishes for you to indulge in. Make this Ramadan delectable and treat your taste buds to great and amazing flavors.



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