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Urdu Rapping in Ms.Marvel!

Pakistani hip hop rapper and singer, Eva B’s song Rozi featured in the first episode of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new series Ms Marvel. The track sung by the first female rapper of Pakistan is produced and co-written by American singer and composer Gingger Shankar. Taking to Instagram, the Kana Yaari hit-maker announced the big news as she captioned the post, “I am feeling greaaatttt and so lucky that I got a feature in @msmarvelofficial ’s 1st episode.”Shankar also expressed her excitement on working in a Marvel project as she reportedly said, “The track is done in Urdu, which for a mainstream Marvel series to do is fantastic.” And we are so over the moon about this ! You go girl!

Finding Me By Viola Davis

One of the finest actors of her generation delivers a memoir that’s no breezy Hollywood tell-all. Instead, the Oscar, Emmy and Tony winner delves into growing up “po” — “That’s a level lower than poor,” she clarifies — in an abusive home, and ultimately channeling her pain and trauma into wrenching performances in “Doubt,” “Fences” and other films. This is an incredibly powerful biography!

The Trendy Stuff for You

The PaperWorm is one of the coolest platforms which allows you to enjoy stationery in so many ways. Aside from the stamps, there are so many other ways in which you can enjoy your stationery too! We all love stylish & classy things. Don’t we? So why don’t we make our books classy & stylish! And now look at ways in which you can make books stylish, trendy & classy with amazing bookmarks which just completely stand out.

A strong metal bookmark which will always help you to remember where you last left your reading or writing & it’ll make your books & bookshelf really spectacular! Check out their whole cool range on their Instagram account.

Animated Series in the Works

W ahaj Ali has yet again taken over an endeavoring project called Team Muhafiz. It’s an animated series, adapted from a comic book series with the same title, created by Imran Azhar and published by Az Corp.This animated series features eight role models, and one of the voice-over is being done by Wahaj Ali. Team Muhafiz is all about building a message of peace, progress and harmony.”This project is extremely magical and meaningful to me as it gives out such a strong narrative to the youth, as it showcases lives of inspiring heroes that attract the youth of Pakistan”, Wahaj said.The team behind this animated series has come together and created a rather powerful message that will surely touch upon the hearts of the younger generation of Pakistan as it is the right blend of positivity and differentiating the good from the evil.


A Tigrous Feast !

Here’s the best flavors of Taiwan- coming to you from Tiger Temple! Two of the top dishes we absolutely loved are the Taiwanese Fried Chicken Baos which consists of Taiwanese spices with marinated crispy fried chicken, purple slaw, topped with house made caramel soy sauce and five spice chilli oil. All enclosed in our special freshly steamed fluffy bao buns. Or try their ‘Tom Yum Fried Rice’-All the flavours of the iconic tom yum soup translated into a filling and satisfying meal. Rice stir fried in a house made paste of roasted chilli, kaffir lime and lemongrass and topped with a runny fried egg. The taste of Thailand on a plate. You would be spoiled for choice with so much on the menu! Check them out and get on with the Taiwan indulgence !



Cinnamon & Mind Blowing Ways to Use It!