25 things you should know about Anam Malik

Anam Malik’s name is on everyone’s lips. The girl created a world of unparalleled glamour and her work can be seen in some of fashion’s most innovative segments. Anam’s distinctive style speaks for itself, but the stories behind the scenes are just as interesting as the pictures themselves. You can explore amazing things of her; by reading an exclusive rapid fire interview……

1. What do you value most of it: Love, appreciation or money?

2. Coffee or tea?

3. Favorite city for vacations?
Any northern area.

4. Favorite flowers?
I love flowers but roses are my favorite.

5. Like to wear jeans or cotton pants in summers?
Cotton pants.

6. Your inspiration?

7. Which sunscreen or moisturizer usually?
Clarins Sunscreen.

8. Designer you love?
Fahad Hussayn.

9. Signature scent?
Victoria secret.

10. Favorite evening dressing style?
Evening gown.

11. Have mostly lipsticks of?

12. Favorite accessory?
Rings and all hand accessories.

13. When shadi scene will be on?

14. Never leave house without?

15. What are you planning to switch your current field modeling in to???
I m not planning anything just focusing on modeling.

16. Latest obsession?
Driving alone.

17. I know I’m home when I m wearing?
T-shirt with pajama.

18. Any celeb crushes?
Jibran Raheel (singer).

19. Best compliment you have ever received?
Future celeb!!!

20. Your perfect Sunday?
When any Sunday magazine covers my image, it always make my Sunday perfect.

21. What makes you impatient?

22. Three secrets behind your sexy figure?
Water, healthy food and exercise.

23. Most daring thing you have done yet?
Actually I m not so daring at all.

24. Your favorite cuisine?
Chocolate brownie

25. What do you prefer the most for your future: Acting, hosting or modeling?
Modeling and acting.


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