25 things you should know about NADIA MALIK SuperModel

One of Pakistan’s emerging hot fashion models, Nadia Malik is marvelously making her prominent place in the fields of modeling. He has so many dreams and plans practically to fly on the heights. In fact hard work and sincerity with the effort make his one of the shining stars of our Pakistani fashion industry. Here she just gave such an exclusive rapid fire interview to express her thoughts, so for the full ride, here you go!

  1. What do you value most of it: Love, appreciation or money?
    Appreciation I think. But money is definitely a close second.
  2. Coffee or tea?
    Always tea!
  3. Favorite city for vacations?
    Italy is one of my favorite places to visit for a holiday. Anywhere in Italy and I’m blissfully happy.
  4. Favorite flowers?213
    I love Lilies. My mom used to grow what are commonly called Easter Lilies and I have such a happy association with them. To this day, I break into a smile whenever I see them.
  5. Like to wear jeans or cotton pants in summers?
    Definitely cotton/ linen.
  6. Your inspiration?
    I’m generally inspired by strong, independent women. There are so many in my life. My mom for one. Some of my childhood friends…The list goes on….
  7. Which sunscreen or moisturizer usually?231
    Cellex-C for a sunscreen. Creme De La Mer for moisturizer.
  8. Designer you love?
    For western wear, Alexander Mc Queen/ Stella McCartney/ Dolce and Gabbana. Rag and Bone for everyday casuals. In eastern wear, I absolutely love Umar Saeed. And from the younger designers Elan and Faraz Manan.
  9. Signature scent?
    I don’t have one. But I like floral / light summery scents.
  10. Favorite evening dressing style?
    Silk blouse teamed with anything depending on the occasion.
  11. Have mostly lipsticks of?MLP2-2
    The only lip color I have is the Ather Shahzad colour palette by Luscious.
  12. Favorite accessory?
    I wear a pair of silver bangles my mother once gave me. I never take them off.
  13. Never leave house without?
    Lip balm. Oh and water bottle.
  14. What are you planning to switch your current field modeling in to???
    Acting. It seems to be the natural evolution for most models and now that I have been modeling for over a decade I think I can safely say I’m ready to try my hand at acting. I love Pakistani T.V serials and Pakistani cinema has really picked up as well. There couldn’t be a better time for a career change.
  15. Latest obsession?
    Spelt! I experiment with my diet all the time. Currently I’m eating spelt bread, pasta and biscuits!! (As and When!)
  16. I know I’m home when I m wearing?
    I’m always in lounge wear. Track pants and a T-shirt…when I’m in my London home I’m always in my father’s old sweaters!
  17. Any celeb crushes?
    Dare I say Fawad Khan!? Aren’t both of our Male exports (Fawad and Ali Zafar) across the border really amazing!? It’s not a crush, It’s just admiration for their courage and strength and the wonderful work they are doing. The same goes for Mahira. I feel really proud when I think of all the wonderful work our actors are doing abroad.
  18. Best compliment you have ever received?
    I’m often asked for my ID! Suffice to say at almost twice the age of an 18 year old what could be a better compliment!
  19. Your perfect Sunday?
    Sunday roast at a pub on my local highstreet with my husband and 3 year old. And lots of warm sunshine.
  20. What makes you impatient?
    Ignorance. What we call “Jahaliat” in Urdu. And I have no patience with arrogance.
  21. Three secrets behind your sexy figure?
    Ha! I have worked out every day since I was 18! Believe it or not I was in the gym on the day of my Barat. No exaggeration. Oh and I can’t remember the last time I ate a burger. I take my diet very seriously. I eat well but it’s always healthy.
  22. Most daring thing you have done yet?
    Moving to the U.K.
  23. Your favorite cuisine?12
    I love sushi and sashimi. So perhaps Japanese. But if I don’t get my desi fix for a week I have been known to whip up daal/ rice in 30 minutes flat! So I always need my ghar ka khana.
  24. What do you prefer the most for your future: Acting, hosting or modeling?
    I think now it would have to be acting.
  25. What trait do you admire most in people?
    I really admire people who are not swayed by outward appearances. The Pakistan of today is so different from the Pakistan I grew up in and it’s unfortunate but we have become a very ostentatious and pretentious society. I really admire those who can be surrounded by all this and not be a part of it! To be able to hold your own and your beliefs and not be swayed by how much someone else has is truly admirable.