26 things you should know about Xille Huma:

One of Pakistan’s emerging hot fashion models, Xille Huma is marvelously making her prominent place in the fields of modeling. She has so many dreams and plans practically to fly on the heights, as she has mentioned once that she wanted to fly high in the sky like a free bird. In fact hard work and sincerity with the work make her one of the shining stars of our Pakistani fashion industry. Here she just gave such an exclusive rapid fire interview to express her thoughts, so for the full ride, here you go!

1. What do you value most of it: Love, appreciation or money?
I would say a blend of love & appreciation as that’s what makes one a better person.

2. Coffee or tea?

3. Favorite city for vacations?

4. Favorite flowers?
Rose has always been my favorite flower because of the fabulous fragrance and deep color.

5. Like to wear jeans or cotton pants in SUMMER?
Cotton pants in summer.

6. Your inspiration?
The supermodels turn entrepreneurs Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha & Tyra Banks & Cara.

7. Which sunscreen or moisturizer usually?


8. Designer you love?
Elie Saab, Fahad Hussayn & SanaSafinaz.

9. Signature scent?
Coco Channel and these days I’m in love with ACQUA DI GLOIA by Giorgio Armani.

10. Favorite evening dressing style?
Favorite evening dressing would be something flowy, made to measure that is totally made for my body type and makes me standout.

11. Have mostly lipsticks of?
Mac & L’Oreal.

12. Favorite accessory?
Flashy earrings or a neck piece as I believe in staying simple yet classy.

13. When shadi scene on?
Not yet right know I’m focusing on my work…

14. Never leave house without?
I never leave house without my perfume, shades, wallet, mascara & lip gloss.

15. Most ridiculous thing ever bought?
One of the dresses from an international designer (won’t mention the name) that was hell expensive and worth a penny only, where as i spent a lot.

16. What are you planning to switch your current field modeling in to???
I am going to continue my modeling along with adding up a spice by stepping into acting. Soon you’d see me doing some real good serials.

17. Latest obsession?
My obsession has always been good fragrances, it may never change.

18. I know I’m home when I m wearing?
Pajama 😉

19. Any celeb crushes?
Akshay Kumar & Bradley Cooper.

20. Embarrassing thing you have ever tried on?
None so far…

21. Best compliment you have ever received?
I looked totally international in a cover shoot of EBuzz for Ammar Shahid. As said by the major fashion people…

22. Your perfect Sunday?
Spending time with my family & close friends makes my Sunday perfect.

23. What makes you impatient?
People with dual personalities and faces, makes me impatient.

24. Three secrets behind your good figure?
Healthy food, regular exercise & zero stress.

25. What do you prefer the most for your further future: Acting, hosting or modeling?
I would say both acting & modeling as I need to look beautiful while acting, so yes a combination of both.

26. What’s next for Xille???
Looking forward to work in some amazing upcoming dramas and making the most out of it. Love yourself and stay positive, success will actually run after you !


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