5 Beauty myths busted!


By Rida Agha

Has it ever seemed to you that skin blemishes, such as pimples or blackheads, always emerge when important events like a wedding or job interview are coming up? And have you consequently tried to get rid of them and make your skin look flawless as soon as possible?

If you answered both questions with ‘yes’, it is important for you to know that when it comes to treating skin blemishes, one needs to differ between known facts and myths.

There are hundreds of products and household remedies that supposedly fight skin blemishes in a short period of time. But the (sad) truth is: Most of them usually don’t work and can even cause damage to your skin.

So before you try out all of these promising and tempting skin care products, Social Diary has listed some of the most common skincare myths and solved them for you.

1) ‘Toothpaste is the best home remedy for pimples.’

As you may know, our facial skin is very sensible. The problem is that toothpaste contains harmful chemicals that may be of benefit to out teeth, but, on the other hand, are very harmful to our skin.

In the best case, you won’t notice any difference with your skin. At the worst, you’ll wind up with a noticeable inflammation of your pimple.

The toothpaste myth is one of the most common old wives’ tales, and a lot of people are convinced that it works and cover up their pimple with lots of toothpaste overnight, hoping that it will have vanished by the next morning. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that this method works, since it will probably be of more damage than of benefit to your skin.

Social Diary’s advice for you:

Don’t treat your pimples with toothpaste since that will dry out your skin. Instead, try out a skin care product that is suitable for your skin type and use it on a daily basis.


2) ‘A lot of moisturizer increases skin blemishes’

Many people believe that oily skin doesn’t require further moisturizing treatment, which isn’t true. Even oily skin that tends to skin blemishes is in constant need of moisture. Gentle Moisturizing with the right moisturizer for your skin type can even prevent skin blemishes.

Social Diary’s advice for you:

Choose a gentle, oil-free moisturising cream that won’t block your pores. Moisturizers that contain Green Tea are ideal and effective when your skin is prone to blemishes.


3) ‘When the skin tingles after treatment, it is a sign for that the used product is effective.’

Depending on the product, that can be the case, but doesn’t have to be. As soon as you have a feeling of tension on your skin or redness occurs, an intolerance of the product can be the reason for it. In this particular case, you should clean your face with lukewarm water and discontinue using the product. Ideally, you can keep in touch with your dermatologist and follow his suggestions, since the cause of the intolerance could also be an allergic reaction.

Social Diary’s advice for you:

Next time, make use of skin care products that are free of chemicals, preservatives and alcohol in order to avoid unpleasant side effects.


4) ‘The slogan Recommended by dermatologists signifies the high effectiveness of a product.’

We’ve all seen or heard of a catchphrase similar to “Recommended by dermatologists”.  We admit, it does sound very tempting and may have led the one or another person buying a product.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t automatically mean that the product is more effective and generally better than the ones without the slogan printed on it.

Social Diary’s advice for you:

We recommend that you inform yourself about the ingredients and their effects and have knowledge regarding your personal skin’s necessities and purchase products according to those points instead of blindly listening to slogans like the mentioned one.


5) ‘Sticking to one skin care brand is beneficial to your skin and will make you receive the best results.’

Buying and using products from only one skin care series that are supposedly well-matched isn’t always the key to flawless skin and an improved complexion. One must keep in mind that even products from the same brand don’t always contain the same ingredients. For instance, a face cream doesn’t contain the same ingredients as an exfoliator. As a result, one may not react well to all products of one series.

Consequently, it is a long way till one finds the suitable skin care treatment for oneself.

Social Diary’s advice for you:

Only by trying out multiple products you will find the best ones that are ideal for the unique needs of your own skin. That leads to the result that you may end up combining products from different brands, which is perfectly fine.


We at Social Diary believe that a good complexion is, regarding beauty, the basic module. Flawless skin makes you look good and is beneficial to your self-confidence. We get how frustrating it can be to suffer under skin blemishes. You want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, which is understandable.

But although you might have heard of tricks that make blemishes disappear overnight, it is of huge importance that you inform yourself, before starting to experiment with random products and home ingredients, doing something you’ll regret and as a consequence wind up damaging your skin and your health.







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