5 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home Office

Keeping a clutter-free, yet personal workspace is always something some of us are particularly challenged with (for evidence look at above photo). No one wants their home office to look like a cubicle, but what are ways to prevent that and still keep a clean desk? In this roundup we take a look at five easy ways to quickly brighten your home office.
1. Personal Deskscapes
One or two personal touches on the desk can really make a big difference, especially if these add a pop of color. Consider also choosing desk accessories, items that are usually on display on your desk anyhow, that are unique and interesting, like the “Anything”collection shown above. No more boring black staplers!

2. Improve Your View
If you don’t have a lovely window view in your home office space, think about what is behind your computer since you will be staring at that wall quite often. Choose art that will pull double duty by looking nice and providing inspiration.

3. Desk Lamps
We talk about lighting a lot, but it is only because it does make such a large difference in a home. Proper lighting via stylish lamps are not only good for the eyes (in more ways than one), but they can also add a nice touch to the home office keeping it from becoming “cube like.”

4. Nifty Peripherals
Since you are going to need cable management and and a USB charger anyhow, why not choose them in colors or styles that will make you smile? Get an extension in the shape of your favorite character like Batman, we leave him out on our desk which not only gives the space a fun feel, it also makes it easier to locate the flash drive.

5. Plants
No surprise here, but plants can brighten up a home office and help improve air quality. Add some green to your home office, it’s quick, inexpensive, and you’ll breathe better.


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