5 ways to make most of the Falsa season!

Ah, the mighty Falsa! That sweet yet tangy fruit makes summer (almost) worth waiting for. A falsa lover is like a Game of Thrones fan. We wait impatiently for the season and when it’s over, we’re left wanting more. It is known that this fruit has many great purposes to help human life. Read on to find more about the benefits of this elusive fruit!

This the time for markets to get flooded with the carts loaded with tasty and piquant, one of Pakistanis’ love, the ‘Falsa’. Falsas come from Grewia Asiatica tree and are native to Sub-continent. Juice them, sprinkle them on your salad or eat them raw, this seasonal fruit can be enjoyed in so many ways. But are you aware of its fantastic health benefits? Read on to find more:


1) It’s great for your tummy

Falsa juice works as a digestive… with added benefits! According to the Encyclopedia of World Medicinal Plants, it will not only help regulate digestion, but also serves as a great coolant and restores hydration to the body during stomach flu. That’s a double win!

According to botanical experts, stomach pain can be treated by drinking falsa juice (but we recommend you consult a doctor to avoid allergic reactions or similar.


Falsa holds 5.53 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams rendering the fruit great digestive and thus can relieve stomach aches. Studies claim that consumption of Falsa normalizes, and can maintain heart rate and blood pressure. This itsy bitsy berry seems to have a host of therapeutic benefits on every system in the body. It is a major player in maintaining homeostasis with respect to body fluids.

Add 3g roasted carom seeds (ajwain) to 25-30ml falsa juice and stir and warm a bit. Drink to relieve pain.

2) It strengthens your heart

Falsas are said to relieve inflammation, which makes it a good heart tonic.


The unripe Falsa has this one of the amazing health benefits that it is very effective in alleviating inflammation. So, it can do well for respiratory, cardiac and hematologic inflammatory conditions as well in feverish states.

Here’s a recipe, but again this is not a substitute for doctor’s advice or medicine!

Add a pinch of rock salt and black pepper to 50ml falsa juice and mix well. You can also add sugar for taste.

3) It can scare away cancer


The fruit is full of antioxidants and is used to reduce cancer risk.

It is a great source of antioxidants, which are vital in combating age deterioration and ageing as well. It is now scientifically proved that antioxidants play a great role in preventing cancer. It makes for a great low fat, low sodium snack.

Falsa is often advised from patients who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, and sore throats. It contains a plethora of nutrients and minerals, including but not limited to magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, carbohydrates and Vitamin A and C.

4) It’ll satisfy diabetics’ sweet (and sour) tooth


That’s right, falsa is no guilty pleasure! It is pure joy for everyone!

According to an article published by the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, falsa is a low glycemic index food, which means it can be enjoyed by diabetics and patients with cardiovascular diseases.

5) It’ll keep you young

Wanna know a secret? If a food is naturally purple it’s an antioxidant loaded with anthocyanins.

This chemical helps protect collagen and restores youthful skin. It’s also known for purifying the blood which means falsas help in clearing out your skin, so munch away for that healthy glow!

Falsa is the natural cooling agent in human body. Its juice is used to quench the thirst and prevent nausea, vomiting and Gastric Intestinal unease linked with heat stroke. It is magical for heat stroke victims.