6 Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves are dried flower buds having spicy and pungent taste and are known for their medicinal properties.

T hey have been in use for a long time for treating inflammation and aiding diabetes treatment. Here are 6 potential health benefits of cloves.
1.Help Reduce Cancer Risk
Clove extract can prevent tumor growth and induce cancer cell death. The anti-cancer properties of clove can be attributed to Eugenol, which also reduces the risk of esophageal cancer. Cloves are good sources of antioxidants. They are used in fighting inflammation and protect us against cancer.They are also found to be lethal to breast cancer cells.
2. Improve Oral Health
The eugenol in clove is believed to provide relief from tooth pain. The substance is an anesthetic and has antibacterial properties, and this may help you deal with the pain
One simple way to get rid of a toothache is to place a few whole cloves in your mouth and moisten them with your saliva. You can crush the cloves with your teeth. The oil that is released fights the pain. You can use a whole clove for 30 minutes before discarding it and repeating the process with a new one.
3.Improve Liver Health
Eugenol, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound in cloves, improve liver health. The eugenol-rich fraction (ERF) in cloves also decreases oxidative stress and acts against liver cirrhosis.
4.Promote Digestive Health
Certain compounds in cloves reduce stomach ulcers. The oil from cloves can increase the thickness of gastric mucus, and this protects the stomach lining and prevents peptic ulcers. Cloves also contain some fiber. This fiber aids digestion and prevent constipation.
5. Fight Headache
Clove oil is extensively used in aromatherapy to treat headaches. This could be attributed to the eugenol in clove, which has analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. Crush a few cloves and put them in a clean handkerchief. Inhale the smell whenever you have a headache. You can also add two drops of clove oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil and gently massage over your forehead and temples.
6. Treat Acne
The antibacterial and antifungal properties of cloves play a role here. Clove works well in treating acne and improving skin health. The eugenol in the clove has antibacterial properties. It can kill infection and fight inflammation, thereby effectively treating acne.


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