Lawn Collection 2019: Ladies Lawn Suits Online in Pakistan

Spring is here and spring brings the Summer with it. And what summer brings in Pakistan? Summer brings the new lawn collection in Pakistan. Now every brand house is bringing the latest lawn collection in the market and advertising a lot. All the billboards, poles and even the social media seems busy in advertising their Lawn Dress Design 2019.

Who Launched First Lawn Collection of 2019?

Just a couple of weeks before, everyone was waiting to see the launch of very first lawn collection and we saw that Gul Ahmed won the race this time by launching its latest lawn collection. Their lawn dress design ideas and colour schemes are awesome. If you will have a look at their lawn collection 2019 catalogue, you will find out that their lawn dress designs are not for peak summer. This collection is designed for the current weather keeping in view the current weather conditions which is neither too cold nor hot at the moment.


After Gul Ahmed, every other brand launched their lawn dress design 2019. Junaid Jamshed, Khaadi, Alkaram Studio, Khaas, Tanabana, Warda and various other brands have launched their lawn dress collection so far. You can find stitched, unstitched, two piece, three-piece lawn dresses in their collection. You can view their lawn dress collection and catalogue their websites. You can even buy it from their official stores.

Which Brand has best Lawn Collection 2019?

Until now almost all the big brands has launched their lawn dress collections 2019. Every collection is unique and has some amazing designs. You can find something awesome in every design collection by different brands. If you will have a close look, you will find out that each brand is following a different theme to keep their designs unique from the crowd. So, if we talk about overall collection, it might be hard to tell which brand has launched the best ever lawn dress collection so far. You can like or dislike one or more dresses but you can’t rank the entire collection as good or bad.

Designers of each brand has done some great job and we are observing some new design trends in each lawn collection. Digital prints are now more common in lawn. Textures are accompanied by the digital designs in all the latest lawn collection. Colour schemes for lawn collection are often the lighter nodes because lighter colours absorb lesser heat than the darker shades. But yes some of the dark shades are always loved by the women even if it is hot outside. Some of these shades are maroon, navy and black.

Should You Buy Lawn Suits Now?

Weather is not yet changed completely. Winter is trying hard to extend its life and now it’s March but still there’s cold outside in most parts of the Pakistan. This extended winter is stopping most of the women in Pakistan from buying these new lawn dress. And that’s the reason we haven’t seen yet such a warm reaction at the launch of new collections.

Another reason behind this cold response from the women is that a good number of brands hasn’t yet launched their lawn collection 2019. A lot of women are waiting for these brands to launch their lawn dress design 2019 collection so that they may have better and wider choice to choose from.

So, follow the trend and wait for all the weather to change and let all other brands to launch their collection and that will be the best time to buy lawn suits. At this moment, you should only buy the dress which you can’t wait to have in your collection. But still the better idea is to wait. No doubt winter will end soon but who know if it lasted till the end of March or even extended till the mid of April?

Price Range of Lawn Dress

If you want to buy online lawn suits, you might be worried about the prices. Here we are going to give you a rough idea about the price range of lawn dress if you want to buy online lawn suits. Talking about big brands like Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed and others, the unstitched lawn dress prices are starting from Rs. 2300 and going up to Rs. 6500 or even Rs. 7000. The price normally depends upon the print, pieces and the embroidery on the dress.

Now the question is whether you should buy online lawn suits or not and if you want to buy then which website is good and reliable. The best website to buy online lawn suits is no doubt the official website of each brand because you get the surety of original print if you buy directly form the official Binilyas online store. But if you want to have more choice, some of good online stores are also there you can trust.