A Major Facelift And All You Need Is … Makeup!

Part of the fun of wearing makeup is the ability to play with and accentuate your features. If one day you want to exaggerate the look of your lips, a little lip liner above your actual lip line can help give the illusion of a juicy-looking pout. There are just so many ways you can amp your look and define your gorgeous self. In this article I am going to be giving you the best tips for getting a faux-face lift, using none other than makeup products which you can easily find within your home.

By Saleena Alim

If you choose to contour your face, make sure to blend upwards after placing color. Not only will this help lift the face, but it will also prevent your contour from looking muddy. Experts suggest you should be making use of a cream contour. This will be easier to work with and blend as needed. It comes in various styles and makes your face pop out and look great.
Also it is high time that you skip the use of heavy concealer- that was in the old days. Now, applying concealer in a large triangle under the eye is not going to do you any good. Instead, apply concealer on the inner and outer corner of the eye going upwards to highlight and, you guessed, to lift. Not only does it give beautiful results, but it also requires less product and can be used for natural no-makeup makeup or ultra-glam looks. Also make sure you don’t contour your forehead way too much. This is yet another contouring trick that will offer a youthful radiance is to go easy on the contour. Also try not to contour your forehead too much as that closes the face and minimizes what the eye can see. You should also try a lifting eyeliner technique. Not only can you lift the appearance of your face, but you can also do so with the eyes. One trick that really works is making use of the lifting eyeliner technique. Start in the tear ducts and give yourself a beautiful saturated line with a pencil or gel along the upper lash line. Once you get to the pupil of your eye, instead of going down, go slightly up, so it gives a lifting effect. Lifting liners can elongate the eyes and make them appear brighter, wider, and bigger.
The art of making use of lateral brow also gives ample results. When it comes to the brows, opt for a softer, subtle arch. Brows that are more of a lateral shape elongate the face and emphasize the bone structure and eyes. The goal with the lifted look is to make sure that you see a radiant complexion with open and fresh eyes that are aware and awake.
So there you have it. When it comes to getting a complete makeover, you don’t need something big. You just need to know how you can look your absolute perfect self with the least bit of effort!



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