A MAN WITH A PLAN , Muhammad Irfan Rafique,

CEO of Red Ocean Communication & PR

“The key to success is focusing on goals, not obstacles.” CEO Muhammad Irfan Rafique, CEO of Red Ocean strongly believes in this motto. Red Ocean and its sister firm Sound & Vision Private Limited have the best team, putting the best ideas out there. Their production team consists of skilled videographers, photographers, art directors, editors and animators having the latest equipment in hand. Sound and Vision Media is an advertising agency providing 360 solutions to enhancing the brand values on different mediums.

Rafique has a Masters in Computer Sciences and began a career in Media Marketing and Sales from ATV in 2005. He has worked for numerous channels such as TV One, News One, A Plus and Play Entertainment as the Head of Sales and Marketing.

He vigilantly took the Red Ocean group through thick and thin to make it what it is today. He helped other companies grow their online sales and is now a full-stack digital marketer. Rafique’s expertise is in developing a content strategy that ties together all aspects of a customer’s journey. Put simply, he is a digital storyteller.

Red Ocean initially started with social media management and public relations and later transitioned into activation and media buying. The organization creates and manages a company’s positive image through different mediums using bespoke strategies and quality tools. By cultivating relationships with the public and stakeholders, Red Ocean built its brand image with the help of social media influencers.

The firm designs and executes events to sustain the image of the client with a unique and out-of-the-box execution approach. It renders the best services in digital media marketing under one roof with the help of social media, Google Ads and website development. Additionally, Red Ocean provides the most accurate strategies according to the requirements of the client’s targeted audience to increase the traffic on all digital fronts. The firm consists of experts who are handling aspects related to digital media marketing. For almost five years, Red Ocean has been delivering high quality work to its clientele, and continues to make a difference in the world of digital media.


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