A SMILE can bring a PEACEFUL CHANGE in society…!

SMILE can bring a PEACEFUL CHANGE in society…!

 By: Lubna Nazir Malik


Charlie Chaplin, a renowned entertainer’s most famous quote ‘’I love walking in the rain, so no one can see my tears’’ compelled me to write this article. I have seen this quote shared by many people on social media, and rightfully so. It is a masterpiece which should not be ignored. To think that a person who was such a great source of laughter, a person who put a smile on millions of people’s faces, thought like this is truly gut wrenching; it makes one think of the sufferings and problems of a common man. You see people talk about ‘’Great plans of social work’’ and see them making schedules to carry out said plans. Such thinking should be highly appreciated, especially since social work is a time consuming process. Who wants to support others without spending a single penny? Without taking time out from their stressed routines? In this case a big smile is your strongest tool. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said ‘’ A smile is the greatest charity’’. A great and inspirational writer Ashfaq Ahmed said ‘’you have no idea how big a difference a smile on your face can make’’. A traffic policeman has to carry out his duty in the sweltering heat of the summer and the freezing cold of winter. A smile can make it so much easier for him to serve and uplift his spirits. There are millions of people who earn their living doing inferior jobs, and the least you can do to support them is smile. Anam Zakria, a MacGill graduate shared her thoughts on the matter, she talked about the importance of affection and generosity, and how a smile can make other people feel welcome and recognized. So give your best, be the person who helps others breathe. Stand with those who need your support. Be the person who brings a smile on people’s faces. Now let’s talk about the benefit of a smile. The good news for women is that the more you smile the more your aging process slows down. Yes it’s true what dermatologists say, that after 30, start smiling more as a result you’ll have no signs of wrinkles on your face. Psychologists say a smile works as an anti-depressant, it takes away all your stress, and you start to give out positive vibes. This small yet important act can bring about a peaceful change in society. While you’re waiting at the traffic signal or waiting in some long, smile. It can literally change the atmosphere, and as the famous saying says ‘’Alone I can smile, together we can laugh’’.


“The good news for women is that the more you smile the more your aging process slows down.”




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