Ali Ansari

Having a healthy lifestyle is not an option anymore, it is mandatory. Luckily Social Diary is here to motivate you with fitness routine of your favourite celebrities! This week we got hold of Ali Ansari, to see what he likes and does to stay fit!


  1. What’s your morning routine?

When I’m on a working a schedule, it’s always about waking up early and getting that morning workout out of the way.

  1. What is your usual workout routine like?

My workout keeps changing over a quarterly basis. Different season, different workout plan kinda thing. These days I’m focusing on compound exercises.

  1. How important is breakfast for you? What do you have in it?

Breakfast is very important. However, as much as I love to eat I can’t stuff myself with food early in the morning. Before my workout I’d have a bowl of cereal, and then after my workout I’d have egg whites.

  1. What does being fit mean to you?

Its a lifestyle!

  1. What is your take on junk food?

I love it! Tastes great, so not worth the extra calories, and a slight guilt trip after having it, lol.

  1. Do you follow any particular diet? Such as keto, paleo, vegetarian?

Yes I do, but ill be honest I have a habit of adding a couple of extra cheat meals (which I shouldn’t). I don’t follow any of the ones mentioned in the question but I do like the vegetarian option. If I want to gain I go on a calorie surplus and if I want to cut I go on a deficit. Make sure to keep your protein high and train hard!


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