Ali Kureshi

Having a healthy lifestyle is not an option anymore, it is mandatory. Luckily Social Diary is here to motivate you with fitness routine of your favourite celebrities! This week Ali Kureshi shares his routine with us all.


  1. What’s your morning routine?


Everyday I wake up early even if I am off; I take shower and then make my own breakfast because my breakfast is different from my family members.


  1. What is your usual workout routine like?


I workout 5 times a week and sometimes 6 days if I feel good , I do workout around 5pm everyday so I can have another meal after lunch and before dinner which is 10 boil eggs whites . I take protein only from eggs, chicken, and fish because I don’t use protein shakes at all.


  1. How important is breakfast for you? What do you have in it?


Breakfast is very very important; breakfast is considered an important meal because it breaks the overnight fasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your level up throughout the day.

In breakfast I take 6 brown bread slices with fry egg in olive oil, peanut butter and Greek yogurt.

  1. What does being fit mean to you?


Being fit is not about how you look, It’s about performing and enjoying daily activities and to meet emergency situations, most important

Being fit makes you healthy and keeps you away from bad habits.


  1. How often do you indulge in a cheat meal? Do you think it is important to stay fit?


As I mentioned above that cheat meal is very important, I see many people doing dieting whole months and don’t do cheat meals. Body needs fat and once a heavy cheat meal is fine if you have done proper 5 days workout.


  1. Do you follow any particular diet? Such as keto, paleo, vegetarian?


Well (DIET IS KEY) .I don’t follow any specific diets. I just follow my personal diet plan.  I don’t use salt much because salt causes water retention and water cause unwanted weight.

I make my own food. I eat fish , chicken , mutton and sometimes beef steaks but they don’t have any sauces , mayonnaise , masalas , oil etc . It’s all baked and grilled most of time. I know it’s tough but this is how it is and don’t forget salad please.


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