Anoushey Abbasi

Renowned actor, Anoushey Abbasi talks to us about her profession and all things related to her! Give it a read!

How do you start your day off? What’s your morning routine like?
I’m the kind of a person who’s out and about everyday and not very fond of breakfast so i just have my juice quickly and leave.
Over the years you’ve played so many different characters. Which character would you say you personally relate to the most?
I make every character relate to me, I take it seriously and be the person i’m playing so i can’t choose one.
What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long shoot?
A nice dinner with my family and some me time on my terrace with some music
In 2020 your drama Prem gali was quite the hit! Can you tell us a little bit about your new character Sakina from your upcoming drama raqse bismil?
Prem gali was a fun project, my character was not serious in it at all, i was a diva in it, a little witty and full of expressions on the other hand Sakina is a serious girl who’s rebellious, hates her life and trying to run away from everything, it has all the shades in it.
Your drama Prem gali is the complete opposite of your new project Raqs-e-Bismil. What kind of role would you say is more challenging?
Definitely sakina was more challenging for me. Being fari was just being myself because i am a happy go lucky kind of a person but sakina is an angry girl who’s fighting for her rights and trying to make a change.

What character do you prefer playing more?
Negative characters because you get a lot of margin to perform and prove yourself as an actor and pretend to be someone who you’re not even close to so proving it to the audience feels amazing.
Do you have a hidden talent? Would you like to tell your fans about it?
Yes i do but i’ve actually started working on it for the audience and they’ll see it soon.
Which genre do you like as an actor?
I like action, i think we should start working on it seriously.
You also worked with See Prime on their short film dancing dolls. Are you going to be working on more similar projects in the future?
Yes! Definitely. I would love to do difficult characters and challenge myself.
How do you think this pandemic has impacted on the entertainment industry?
So Personally I feel there is a bigger thirst for content because we are all relatively free and therefore watching more content online.
Which one of roles has challenged you the most so far?
Oh man – every role has its own set of challenges – and I guess that’s what make’s it exciting and makes me select that role. Maybe the most challenging role is the one I am waiting for … !!


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