Ayesha (A lady behind ROYLI SALON)

“My love for creative art never let me get de-motivated with any challenges that I face…”

This time Ayesha

(A lady behind ROYLI SALON)

in the spotlight!

By: Saba Akhtar

sdasdFamous beautician Ayesha, who runs her very well-known salon named Royli, just gave a small interview of what beauty trends exactly will come on to close the year 2015 and how to carry your good looks with a perfect makeover, plus shared that how she entered in the industry…


  1. When you may have planned launching your Royli, one can suppose that you may have made certain compromises. Has this been the story or did you maintain a flawless elevation toward the success?

My love for creative art never lets me get de-motivated with any challenges that I come across. Hence, I mark my success as a smooth progression for the standards that I set for my work. My strength is my passion for the work I am doing that later exposed me to my accomplishments. The biggest compromise for my success is the time I have allocated for my work. However, I do compensate that with spending a quality time with family.

  1. What is the favorite monsoon evening look?

With an increase in humidity, I avoid recommending dense makeup as it gets to wash out immediately. For day time, it is better to keep the makeup light with nude lipsticks and blush on and stay trendy with hair up-do while for formal evenings, water proof foundations can be a big hit.

  1. What is the best way to achieve a bronzed look if you are tanned?

Bronze look on a dark skin always leaves a dramatic effect on its viewer. Even though a summer usually prohibits producing a glowing look, one can still achieve that by using the right products. There are numerous products in the market but make sure you select them according to your skin type. A combination of MAC Gold bronzer and nude eyeshades can help getting the perfect look.

  1. I am completely fair and get super oily skin in this season however my makeup still seems to look dry and flaky. What type of cosmetics should I opt?

A foundation usually serves as a canvas for face, it provides base to the look one wants to be looked. It is not compulsory to use the same product as other women with oily skin prefers, each skin type has its own preferences. Leaving a shining look, you should look for a liquid foundation and avoid using foundation sticks. Maintain a skin regime and use products which offer oil control.

  1. How did your family and friends respond to your profession?

My family is always there by my side in times of utmost help. Me and my husband are also working partners and enjoy a healthy and trustworthy relationship. My mother helps me even in upbringing of my daughter. I am also blessed for living in a country like Pakistan where I get to find a number of intimate friends.


  1. What is the best way for me to reduce and mask cold induced redness?

Cold stimulus activates certain skin cells leaving a redness effect. To avoid such situations, stop using deep exfoliates and increase the intake of vitamin E. You can also temporarily fix the problem by using concealer or liquid foundation.

  1. My lips tend to chap easily in this season, what can I do?

Lips get to chap easily in times of intense heat. Small alterations in food intake can immediately resolve the issue; more intake of water and food containing more liquid. Follow a skin routine where you cleanse, tone and moisturize skin frequently. Lip balm can solve the problem for the time being.

  1. How should I keep my hair bouncy in rainy months?

To achieve fullness and bounce in hair one has to keep the scalp clean in rainy season. Opt for a separate shampoo and conditioner this month with less chemicals and colorants. A healthy scalp witnesses the bounce in hair so apply special masks of your hair type. You can even take a salon treatment that will help in resolving the issue permanently in this season.

  1. What is the makeup color scheme for this hot and breezy air?

Summer is the perfect time to play with shades of pastel. During day time, soft makeover with nude shades are a big hit while in evening I prefer a shimmery look with experimenting different colors. Whatever the color you want to play with, always maintain a harmony in using color palette; avoid any harsh contrasts.

  1. How can we get the smoky eye look for summer night out?

A nicely done eye makeup always makes a statement in one’s appearance. Depending on the skin tone, smoky eyes can look florescent in carbon black, brown or grey shades. To leave an effortless look, try using a combo of powder and cream that will also help in highlighting the look.

  1. What lipstick color will suit my warm skin tone best this season?

Coral tones are must for this summer. For a warm skin tone, coral shades leave a vibrant look. Always use a warm tone of lipstick to make your complexion glow.

  1. To achieve a glowing dewy make up should I focus on highlighters or blush-ons?

Highlighters can be as shiny as you want it to be, while blush on is a makeup friend to freshen up the look. For a youthful and dewy look highlighter is a must for this season. Look for a creamy highlighter that promises oil control.

  1. How often should we get a manicure and pedicure? How can I make nail color last long?

It is hard to decide the number of manicures and pedicures in a month as it varies from skin type to other type. However, I recommend a manicure and pedicure once or twice a month for a normal skin treatment while this may increase looking at the work routine and skin care.  Getting on the second question, nail color usually lasts longer with careful initiatives we take while applying. Always start with cleaning nails with spirit, apply the base coat while for top coats always go for a double coat to leave a lasting effect.

  1. How frequent we should go for facials and cleansing?

Skin care is always to be followed with a skin regime. A facial is usually given to address certain skin issues. For normal skin once or twice facials months are more than enough while for sensitive or damaged skin it can vary. Cleansing needs to be everyday skin regime before going to bed.

  1. I feel like my hair fall increase in monsoon. What should I do?

Hair fall may depend on number of variables around us. It might be a result of sleep deficiency or poor diet. In monsoon avoid using chemical shampoos and pay a lot of attention to scalp care. Drink plenty of water and increase your vitamin and iron intake. You can also go for a salon treatment to fix the problem effectively this season.





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