Balancing Life , Diet & Plan  

Zainab Naqvi is a Dubai based Holistic Health and Wellness Coach as well as Yoga Instructor. She focuses on helping patients improve their overall health through lifestyle adaptations. She trained at Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York and is a member of International Association of Health Coaches ( IAHC).


Social Diary started this fortnightly feature where we will be delivering answers on the basic health related questions.  This week, let’s understand the prime concept of diet , health and simple ways of maintaining these in view of a health expert Zainab Naqvi .

What is a Perfect Diet?

As we all know perfection doesn’t exist. Bit of everything makes it all exciting and flavorsome. However, the question is “Are we taking it in bits or big bites”? The key to a perfect diet lies in balance; not only in food but balance in emotional , mental and spiritual diet as well.

What do you recommend then?

I strongly suggest to focus on changing of lifestyle instead of going for  torturous diet plans that are harmful in the long run , as well as ruining your relationship with food and your own bodies. You don’t have to be the most healthy person over night. Pick up any one small habit and work on it for the next 21 days and then pick up the second one.

What are the12 habits to a better health?


Health is a journey , a process and not a destination.  It’s about taking small attainable steps and enjoying the process. Celebrate these small health habits when you achieve them one by one.


  1. Drink more water .
  2. Practice home cooking .
  3. Experiment with Recipes (Eating traditional food is great but try a healthier version of it, use alternative healthy ingredients ) .
  4. Experiment with Grains ( We are blessed to live in a country that is abundant with every kind of grain and vegetable. Instead of sticking to wheat and rice, try using buckwheat ( it is produced in abundance in hunza) , millet, oats, Barley, Bulgur ( cracked wheat).
  5. Increase intake of vegetables ( sweet vegetables as well as leafy green vegetables) .
  6. Try going on raw food ( salads, fruits, smoothies, juices) at least once a month or per week to get maximum nutrition benefit.
  7. Experiment with Proteins . Try not to rely too much on chicken, Meat and Dairy. Beans and legumes like lentils and chickpeas, seeds, tofu and nuts are rich in protein.
  8. Eat fewer processed foods . Make a habit of reading ingredients everytime you buy something from the store. Almost everything you buy has hidden sugar and excessive sodium in it .
  9. Have a healthy relationship . This directly affects your emotional health .
  10. Have some sort of physical activity. It doesn’t have to be a gym, it can be a sport, dance, running or anything that you enjoy doing.
  11. Find the work you love for this directly affects your mental health .
  12. Develop a spiritual practice. Anything that can connect you with your inner self or the Divine source.


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