Bargain Hunters: 12 Tips for shopping during sale season!


It’s that time of the season where we are seeing prices slashed by many brands, which is understandably overwhelming. It is important for Pakistani consumers to know the various tricks that will help them make smart purchases with confidence. For those who decided to take five weeks off to redo their wardrobes at a lower cost, a “strategy” must be implemented to make the most of the reductions granted. Here are ten tips to be effective during sales.

  1. GO for Apparels First

Before venturing into the stores, fashionistas should know exactly what they need. Open the wardrobe to get an idea of what to buy. This also helps to anticipate the most expensive purchases such as clothes or large pieces.

  1. Go on a mission “tracking”

A few days before the sales begin; it is advisable to take a tour of your favorite stores. This is an opportunity to try the clothes upstream, and whether the size of pants, tops and lingerie is always the same. It also helps to ask questions about the stock, and whether it is safe to wait until the sale begins to shop a sought-after item.

  1. Decide on a budget

Before any shopping trip, you should check the status of your accounts and set a budget. The biggest spenders can for example remove this budget in cash before going to shop, just to be aware of what they spend.

  1. Make a shopping list

With a list of items to buy, time spent in stores is necessarily reduced. It is best to divide it into two, separating the “priorities” and “unnecessary”, which makes it easier to organize. This list can also be a handy reminder.

  1. Check the opening hours of shops

Department stores and specialty stores in the fashion usually open earlier during the sales. To be the first to benefit from good business, it is best to check with the stores to find the opening hours.

  1. Do not forget to choose comfortable Clothing

We at Social Diary have definitely made this error a few times. We head to sales in high heels and makeup on, when we should be wearing comfortable sneakers and our hair tied up in a bun. That’s the only way to grab bargains from vicious Aunties!!

  1. Do not hesitate to inquire about purchasing conditions

At the time of purchase, learn about the conditions for return of items. In general, for sale items are NOT returned or exchanged, but when in doubt, always ask. It is also essential to keep all receipts.

  1. Think about the Internet option

Sales begin at midnight, which has several advantages. You’ll avoid having to fight crowds of women or handling physical cash. There won’t be any hassle of waking up early and being the first one outside a store. You can also select the items you want to purchase hours before the midnight sale, and then simply add them to your cart and checkout.

9. Avoid any trend-led items

That yellow off-the-shoulder blouse with pom-pom trim is lovely, but it’s likely only to get a few wears before you grow bored. Instead, invest in classic pieces from trends that are set to continue into next season.

10. Go it alone

Leave small children and friends (aka distractions) out of this.

11. Make friends with shop assistants

Friendly shop assistants are your key to finding out when further reductions will be made and whether there are more sizes in the stockroom.

12. Get on the mailing lists

If you wait to check your favourite sites and see the sale has started, you could have already missed out on the best bits. Sign up to mailing lists so that you’re notified instantly – some brands even offer sale previews to those who have signed up so you get first dibs.


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