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Hira Shahraiz Khan, the well known MUA talks about the upcoming style vibes as the wedding season is approaching! Hira has been in the beauty business for quite a long time now and has done a lot of courses internationally too! Check out the beauty tips this diva is giving exclusively.

Tell us two make-up and hair trends for fall 2020?
Taking the current circumstances in notice I feel it’s more about minimalistic for both hair and makeup. People are adapting to being casual and focusing more on staying close to their natural look than made up. A casual pony tail with some mascara, cheekand lip tint would be perfect for a day out.
Makeup can be harmful to the skin if applied all the time, what beauty regime would you advise for clean and clear skin?
Makeup can only be harmful if you want it to. Using the right products with proper hygiene care will never harm your skin. Keep your makeup brushes, sponges clean and sanitised at all times. Also NEVER make the mistake of sleeping with your makeup on no matter how sleepy or tired you are. Always follow your regular CTM routine at night and morning.
Similarly, as you have done a lot of courses about hair health too, tell us what works best to have strong and healthy locks?
Just like skin care, hair care is also about being consistent in whatever treatment or therapy you pick. If you’re someone who has to get their hair styled often then I would suggest keeping a strict hair treatment schedule atleast once or twice a week to nourish your hair. Invest in home care kits, the right shampoo and heat protection serums or sprays.

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