Beauty Secrets Pakistani Celebrities Swear By!

With the amount of styling and cosmetic products that celebrities have to undergo and wear on a daily basis, it is no surprise that they have their beauty secrets which help them maintain their skin and body at its best. Social Diary presents the beauty secrets of the following celebrities that they swear by!

  1. Rehmat Ajmal:

I religiously use rose water before going to bed, after washing my face in the morning. It helps my skin remain fresh throughout the day, especially in summers.

  1. Angeline Malik

The beauty tip I can give is that I don’t diet. I eat whatever I feel like but I just eat healthy. I feel dieting is the worst thing we can do to our bodies because we need certain nutrients

  1. Leyla Zuberi

I try to use natural stuff for my skin, I use Aloe Vera gel from the plant for my face, and it keeps my skin fresh and glowing. It doesn’t have any side effects.

  1. Humaira Asghar Ali

My beauty secret is I always keep my skin deeply hydrated with natural minerals & organic diets. 2nd: whatever fruit I eat I always keep masking & scrubbing on my face & hands as well at the time.

  1. Mishayl Hussain

Rose water is miraculous; I use it especially after washing my face and keep a spray handy throughout the day. Also Vitamin C face masks are a savior especially before events, to give my skin a refreshed look!

  1. Navin Waqar

Icing my face for 3 to 5 minutes to close the pores before applying makeup. Since I have acne prone skin, this helps a whole lot. Also, as a bonus, you don’t sweat as much and the makeup stays in place especially during the summers.

  1. Armeena Khan

I will give you two. A good bottle of sunscreen and water. The first one protects your skin from the sun and the other one hydrates it giving you flawless, shiny skin. Oh yes, one more thing, don’t forget to smile, it makes you look beautiful.

  1. Javed Sheikh

Many people ask me about my freshness & glowing skin. The answer is, 7 hour Sleep Lots of water, fresh fruit, fresh Vegetables & Clinique Moisturizer Daily

  1. Nadia Khan

I always use eye cream and serum day and night to prevent fine lines and add a glow. My favorite brand is Sissly and Laura Mercier for eye care.

  1. Maria Wasti

I believe that keeping your skin hydrated is best way. Water is the open secret.

  1. Seemi of Seemi Salon’s

I don’t do anything special, but I’m an avid lover of green tea, and drink it 4 times a day.  And I religiously follow the regimen of cleansing and moisturizing my face before going to sleep.


  1. Mehreen Raheal Munir

Well I have a lot of beauty secrets; first, I sometimes wash my face with baking powder it takes away all the dirt but I don’t recommend it for people with sensitive skin as it may aggravate. I have water as soon as I wake up, it’s a reason for my good skin. Dates and almonds are my favorite so I snack on them when I am hungry or to boost my energy level. I usually have 2-3 dates before going to the Gym. Next, coconut oil for my scalp and basically using the least amount of chemicals on my skin. I believe in internal healing- which is having water, protein intake, getting your sleep, exercising and an unlimited amount of fruit.


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