Best House Plants for Mental Health They Care for You Too!)

When it comes to creating an amazing space, there is nothing that speaks beauty better than lush green settings and decor. Gardening is extremely satisfying . It is one of those ways in which you can feel absolute content and blissful. And now there is scientific evidence which proves just the same. You would be amazed at how it is definitely one of the leading ways to bring on an awesome environment. There are some major reasons gardening and houseplant collections have become such popular social media trends. With so much worry in the world these past few years, when you are tending to plants, it allows you to focus your attention on something positive, while experiencing greater comfort and beauty from the company of a living being inside their spaces.

By Aliya Yaqoob

R esearch has shown there are many benefits to being in the presence of nature, whether that’s in a forest, having a small garden, or keeping a few household plants. One study showed that patients at a hospital who had plants in their room reported less pain, lower blood pressure, less fatigue, and less anxiety than patients without plants in their rooms. Cortisol, the stress hormone, has been shown to lower with plant interaction, lowering fatigue, irritability, and blood pressure,. Gardening and care for plants can help people turn people away from negative thoughts or emotions.Our lives are busy and largely sedentary, with a lot of time spent behind screens. You should aim at raising plants as an opportunity to practice true presence in the here-and-now, focusing on something pleasant and worthwhile as it’s right under your nose. Rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, [plant care] helps one focus on the present moment and provides a feeling of accomplishment. Now let be pick out some of the best choices out there when it comes to having a great plant collection around you.

Spider plants, with light-green foliage with plenty of leaves, are another low-maintenance selection. They do well with humidity, and actually can handle varying forms of light, but do best with medium light, so this allows you to create a comfortable zone which simply stands out. Sometimes individuals will put spider plants in their bathroom to have a warmer, cozier feeling in the space that helps a relaxing bath feel that much more relaxing. When a spider plant thrives, it will grow new offshoots that can be snipped and potted as a new plant. They are a wonderful plant that you can gift plants to friends at no cost to yourself. If you want a plant that acts like a gift that keeps on giving, this is one to choose!
Lavender is also a really popular choice. It is not just the scent which many people make use of in their bathtubs and rooms. Lavender is in lots of products, from pillow sprays to bubble bath, so it’s no wonder that the actual plant has similarly calming properties. The plant’s fragrance is believed to help reduce stress, anxiety and possibly even mild pain. You can even keep one next to your bed and you will be getting ample benefits from it. Just by smelling it. There is so much potential to it. Make use of it and you can also gift this to someone who you know needs to know of ways when it comes to destressing.
Now let’s hint on the goodness of Aloe-Vera. Drought-resistant and easy to grow, Aloe Vera can be a novice plant owner’s dream because they’re forgivable and adaptable. Aloe Vera is low-maintenance–you can just water it monthly, and it produces a healing gel that you can use straight from the leaf. Having an aloe in the home is always a good idea as it helps detox the airspace and is helpful for burns, cuts, and scrapes to help injuries heal faster or soothe pain. That goes for sunburn, too. Hence it is definitely one of those plants which keeps your health in check, allowing you to make the most of its many benefits.
Also have you ever thought of growing basil? The experience of growing, picking, and using herbs from your own garden has a positive impact on your mental health, creating positive sensory experiences as well as a sense of accomplishment. Basil is a summertime herb that loves the sun (it’s also a staple ingredient for a yummy homemade Margherita pizza, or pesto). Not only is it delicious in meals, but eating basil has health benefits, too. It has properties which help to relieve stress and anxiety. The leaves are used for many purposes and act as an adaptogen, which is a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress. Having it can improve mental clarity. You would notice how some of the leading chefs and health experts make it a habit to grow this herb inside their houses. And with good reason!



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