Bird cages into your home furnishings!

Have fun incorporating bird cages into your home furnishings!

  1. Have you got an old bird cage that has seen better days? Why not create a hanging planter using succulents (those plants we sometimes mention that thrive on neglect and minimal water).
  2. Glitter candles in a bird cage.
  3. Make use of the birdcage as a space to display some of your books. If you are a bookworm, you’ll appreciate how the books are visible in all their …
  4. Black branch bird cage wall stick living Room wallpaper.
  5. “Life is a special occasion”…a beautiful yummilicious cake.
  6. Nordic crystal pendant lights Iron Cage Home Decor American Vintage industrial lamp.
  7. Mount half a cage on your wall and you’ll get an interesting wall decor piece.
  8. Pottery barn. Love the idea of a plant in the birdcage. Perhaps it would keep your cat from gnawing on it.



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