Bisha Abbas

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Bisha Abbas


By: Asif Khan
The new model on block, beautiful, Bisha Abbas, brings a welcome exoticism to fashion, with her allure and commitment to work. Blessed with an unerring sense of what looks good on her, she is the new ‘energy’, the whole fashion industry is clamoring to work with. Cool, composed, collected and utterly charismatic, she brings her unique elegance and sophistication to the ramp where she can go from high glamour to avant-garde effortlessly. With a career going strong, a show really can’t start today until this diva is ready and designers know, she is worth it. In a candid talk with Social Diary, Bisha reveals that how things in her life changed when she made it to the unchartered territory of showbiz.

Many of us take fashion as an individual’s statement of self-expression, but what is fashion to you?

Fashion to me is like a bridge to connect globally and I strongly feel that as a part of its endeavors, fashion has always proved its  prowess by invoking potential people to play their part well and invest in emerging talent and foster innovation in the areas of ideas and design. It really feels great to be a part of it as a ‘model’, as we work tirelessly to bring designers’ dreams to life, in our endowed capacity.

How did the first break come your way?

It came from designer Nauman Arfeen when one of my close friend took me to his studio to meet him. He showed keen interest and the next thing for me was the breaking news that I’m selected for his shoot.

Who are the  designers that have you, so far, worked with?

I consider myself very lucky that always good work has come my way and I have the privilege of working with all the top designers of our country. It was pleasure working with them and  I found everyone, contributing their best in making the fashion ecosystem of Pakistan look even more promising,  progressive and versatile at the same time. It felt overwhelming working with the high and mighty names like Maheen Kareem, Faraz Manan, Sonya Batla, Umar Sayeed, Tabbassum Mughal, Kamiar Rokni , Wardha Saleem, Zaheer Abbas,  Deepak Parwani, Huma Adnan, , Ambreen Farrukh, Mona Imran etc.

How many shows have your graced with your electrifying presence?

Fashion Pakistan Week 2019, Tony & Guy Shows, Loreal Cotour Week etc.

How are you taking yourself academically?

I’m in final year of  LLB,

You are doing law and running a leading showbiz career. What actually used to aspire you to become, as a kid?

I always wanted to be a doctor but that was only when I was a kid but with passing years things and priorities kept changing and now I love what I am doing and want to carve a distinguished niche out there for myself.

What has been the crowning moment of your showbiz career?

It was an overwhelming surprise for me when I was announced as the proud recipient of the most coveted International Pakistan Prestige Award (IPPA 2019) held in Norway for the Best Emerging Talent.

Who are the people you value the most in your life?

I am really very fortunate that I have a very supportive family and encouraging set of friends whom I found always with me through thick and thin.

How do you unwind?

Listening to music really rescues me when I feel my energy is drained out.

What is your zodiac sign and what quality you think comes from there?

I’m a perfect Leo, and very very friendly in nature and thats the quality of my star.

Has there been any particular shoot that always remains there in your memory?

Yes there is one shoot that I strongly feel associated with, and that was by Deepak Parwani. It was one of those shoots that came  my way when I started off as a model. The most distinguished part of this shoot was its white and blue theme. which was quite catchy and absorbing  and it often comes as a flashback to my mind.


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