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Ambreen Azhar (Fashion Designer)

Ambreen Azhar has studied fashion designing at the RCC Institute of technology where she has created and brought her visions to life. Specializing in Eastern couture and implementing different cultural styles into her products has made her a well known fashion brand. She aims to create looks that are wearable in both Eastern and Western settings, while still making each of her suits unique, and fit to meet every person’s needs. Let’s see what she told Social Diary about herself and regarding her profession…

  1. Briefly share your journey, how did you get into the field of designing?
    My journey in the fashion Industry began when I established a small boutique in Kuwait. Shortly after, I moved to Canada and attended the International Academy of Design and Technology for further schooling. During this time, I started making my own collections and showcasing them in various exhibitions and fashion shows. Further down the line, I wanted to expand my business and made my clothes available at stores in Canada and Pakistan. Currently, I am aiming to exhibit my clothes at even more fashion shows and make them available in more countries.
  2. What is your philosophy when it comes to designing clothes?
    My philosophy when it comes to designing clothes is making something that is different. Individuality is essential when it comes to making something different. If all designers followed the same trends, they would all be merged together, and nothing special would be created. Differentiation is what makes a name stand out, and my goal is to make unique designs in order to achieve success.
  3. What gives you inspiration to design clothes?
    For me, everything around me influences new ideas and thoughts. Nature and architecture are two muses that bring out my creativity. Different landscapes, colors, and textures are all factors that go into generating new designs.
  4. What are the challenges you have faced so far as a designer?
    Making yourself eminentin the fashion industry is always a challenge, especially when you’re new. Along with that, travelling periodically for fashion shows and events are difficult to make time for when you have a family and several things going on. Balancing business life and personal life is fairly hard to do in a business like fashion designing.
  5. Tell us about your experience of working all over the world so far?
    My experiences in various exhibitions and fashion shows have always been memorable ones. Travelling has given me the opportunity to showcase my designs to different crowds and cultures, as well as introduce me to many styles of clothing. I’ve also made numerous new friends and have gotten the chance to meet many new people at these events.
  6. Share some latest color trends for the upcoming season?
    As the weather gets colder, warmer hues become more suitable to wear. Two colors that seem to be very popular this season are maroon and emerald green.
  7. What do you enjoy designing the most, bridal wear, formal or semi- formal?
    Bridal wear is definitely more enjoyable in creating. The numerous patterns, embroideries, and colors to work with can leave you with endless possibilities. Bridal work really brings out my creativity, but it also very difficult to create. Couture is high quality, custom made clothing that is sewn according to the client’s perfect measurements.
  8. What makes your clothes & designs different?
    My designs are unique because I aim to combine different cultures together in one piece of clothing. You will frequently see my designs with an Eastern or Arabic touch. This is a difference that appeals to all people and it is one of the reasons why I have such a broad cliental, including overseas Pakistanis.
  9. What would be your advice for the aspiring designers?
    My most important advice to aspiring designers would be to find your own unique style and way of looking at fashion. Having your personal perception of design will motivate you to follow what your heart tells you, and that is your key to success. Having your own sense of style will set you apart from other designers and will gave your brand a meaning
  10. What is it you are currently working on (any new collection or exhibition)?
    I am currently working on my 2016 Winter Collection, it will be available by the end of October.
  11. What’s next on your list?
    For next year, I am planning on releasing my second Jewellery collection, as well as a 2017 New Years collection.
  12. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
    In the next 5 years I am planning on having my collections readily available in Dubai, US, India, and Kuwait. I see myself expanding my business even further and making my products available in even more stores and countries.

Quick Bits:

  1. You love?
  2. You hate?
    Dishonest people.
  3. You mostly spend your money on?
    Buying bags and shoes.
  4. Hobbies?
    Swimming and reading.
  5. Favorite travel destination?
  6. Pet peeve?
  1. 32 33 34


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