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Exclusive Interview: “I belong to a family of very talented individuals…” SANA SHAHNAWAZ Director/Wardrobe Stylist/Producer In the past couple of years, television...

Rizwan Ali Jaffri Model/Actor/Singer

Exclusive Interview: “It’s all about time management, allotting time for everything in life…” Rizwan Ali Jaffri Model/Actor/Singer Rizwan’s name is on...

Fashion Designer SALEHA QURESHI in the spotlight!

“I love my city’s fashion, it is very multicultural…” Fashion Designer SALEHA QURESHI in the spotlight!  Saleha Qureshi is another creative name, emerging in...

Natalia Naveed Brings up WINTER TRENDS

Fashion Designer Natalia Naveed Brings up WINTER TRENDS exactly will come on way to close 2015…   A Lahore based fashion designer Natalia Naveed runs her own label,...