CELEB CELEB FITNESS IN FOCUS Here’s Sidra Batool spilling her secrets to Social Diary

With the onset of a pandemic, remaining fit is becoming a tad harder than usual. Here’s to getting inspiration from your favorite stars on how to keep the rhythm going and maintain a wholesome lifestyle.

What is your philosophy on health and fitness?
I believe in maintaining the right balance and not stressing too much about what I’m eating or doing. Regular exercise and ensuring a balanced diet help with staying healthy and fit in the long run.

How do you keep your workout interesting at home during pandemic?
I have been doing “quarantine bootcamp” with “the body lab” We do a different workout everyday which keeps me interested. I walk for an hour when not exercising.

Would you call yourself a health freak-elaborate?
No, I wouldn’t call myself a health-freak. I do what I can and what works for me.

Any fad diets that worked for you?
I don’t think I’ve followed any particular diet. Like I said, I maintain a balanced diet of healthy food and sometimes eat junk food as well

Eating Healthy or Working Out? What works better for you?
A combination of working out and eating healthy works well

Your wellness routine before going to bed?
I put my phone away, pray, and sleep

The first thing you aim to do right after waking up?
I pray, exercise, shower then eat.

Do you believe in cheat days? If so, what’s the main item on the menu?
 I believe in eating whatever you want but control your portions and maintain a balance
From where does your inspiration to living fit comes from?
When I see myself looking fit and healthy.
What is your health motto?
Mental health is as important as physical health
When out with friends, where do you often like to dine?
In Pakistan, Ramada plaza and Ramada creek. In U.S, Kabul kabab house.
Working out at the gym or at home?
I’m currently working out at home because of the pandemic but I love going to the gym.
Who is your fitness guru?
Shoiab and Omair and Maha and Rahat from the Body Lab
Your views on adapting superficial standards of beauty? How can these be rectified?
I don’t think I know the answer for this one. Our society, media, and social media plays a big part in promoting superficial standards of beauty. For me personally, I focus on myself and embrace who I am. Comparing yourself to others is not useful or helpful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
Your favorite smoothie/healthy beverage recipe
Berry Goodness from “The Greeno” it has Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Honey and Milk.
Do you follow and adapt meditation tactics in your daily routine
I try to mediate when I can but it’s one thing that I get lazy about so I need to start doing it more regularly because it helps with one’s mental health
What remains your favorite healthy food/recipe
I try to keep my cooking simple and easy. My favorite meal I make is a baked chicken recipe: It has less oil and lots of veggies. All you have to do is put the marinated chicken in the oven with potatoes and your favorite veggies with a little bit of olive oil and tadaaaa. It’s ready. I’m getting hungry already.
What are your picks for 
the following perfect meals?
Breakfast: Omelette and tea
Pre-workout: Black coffee
Post-workout: A glass of juice
Lunch: Daal Chawal
Dinner: Grilled or baked chicken and veggies
Snacks: Hand full of nuts or yogurt Guilty pleasures: Cakes and ice cream


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