CELEB FITNESS IN FOCUS Here’s Actor/RJ Khalid Malik spilling his secrets to Social Diary:

With the onset of a pandemic, remaining fit is becoming a tad harder than usual. Here’s to getting inspiration from your favorite stars on how to keep the rhythm going and maintaining a wholesome lifestyle.

What is your philosophy on health and fitness?
My philosophy is quite simple. Whatever it is that you decided to do, take small steps, break it down. Otherwise, you will never do it.

Would you call yourself a health freak-elaborate?
I am not a health freak. I mean have been on diets before but I have learned that really the best diet is the one that permits flexibility. I would like to think that I eat healthy and I’d like to think that my health is a priority; and especially when you have a family you must think about them too right? I mean who wants to be around a grumpy man?

Eating Healthy or Working Out? What works better for you?
I feel I’m more passionate about working out than eating healthy. I like both however I would put working out first mainly because it gives me a chance to step away from what I do on a day-to-day basis at work and tune in to a different vibe that gives space for some creativity.

Your wellness routine before going to bed?
So, before I go to bed or when I lie down, I close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths and then I begin to (mentally) count down from 100 to 1 and this puts me to sleep in no time. Completely relaxes me.

Working out at home or the gym?
Definitely the gym. There is something about space. The environment. When I am in that space I tune into a different frequency. I’m not really distracted and it feels like I am here for a purpose so let’s not waste time.

A fitness guru you idolize?
There are many. But people like Ben Greenfield (now he’s a freak) I do follow what he does and how he does certain things. I do also like listening to people like Dave Asprey in the biohacking world and Da Rulk.

Your favorite smoothie/healthy beverage recipe:
I love a banana, peanut butter smoothie.

How do you keep your workout interesting at home during pandemic?
I really made a conscious effort to do simple things like pushups and squats every day to keep myself and my nervous system active. Also, when we could, I’d take the kids out and just play tag with them, so I could get some cardio in.

Do you follow and adapt meditation tactics in your daily routine?
Oh, I love to meditate. On my drive to the studio in the morning before the show I’ll be meditating in the back seat. If I am on set, I’ll meditate any chance I get.

What is your health motto?
Be healthy. Speak healthy. Feel healthy

When out with friends, where do you often like to dine?
I have never been a fussy eater. I can pretty much eat anything. However, my all-time favorites are Malaysian, Thai and Japanese.

Your views on adapting superficial standards of beauty? How can these be rectified?
You know we could point the finger at social media. And yes, social media has accelerated these adaptive behaviors but this has been happening for a long time. I think rather than rectify we need to be in a position to educate everyone about being conscious beings.

What are your picks for 
the following perfect meals?

• Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and oatmeal.
• Pre-workout: Caffeine.
• Post-workout: Sometimes coffee or sandwich with some protein.
• Lunch: I love home cooked food. However, when I am on set, I grab a sandwich, a granola bar and coffee.
• Dinner: Homecooked again, my favorite is ‘kareley’
• Snacks: Dark chocolate, cashew nuts and gluten free cake rusks and cupcakes
• Guilty pleasures: Ferrero Rocher, malt cake.

Any fad diets that worked for you?
The only real diet that I have been on was the keto diet. I soon realized that it’s only beneficial in spurts (I speak for myself). I do like the bulletproof coffee but for now, I am really into my fruits.

Do you believe in cheat days? If so, what’s the main item on the menu?
I don’t like calling them cheat days. Because it feels sneaky. I like to think of them as chill out days. A day when you can just have what you want right? But I don’t like keep a separate day for that. It’s every day, if I feel like a “chill out” moment then I will do it. You see your body knows what it wants, the key is to listen to it. Now where is that doughnut??

What remains your favorite healthy food/recipe?
I love things like muesli, oats with fruit and some cocoa and dark chocolate.


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