Celebrity Scoop Madiha Iftikhar

Madiha Iftikhar rose to fame and earned a special place in the hearts of millions of viewers through her versatile acting in the Pakistani dramas. With her consistent hard work and stunning performances, she is considered as one of the best actresses of the entertainment industry. Here’s her interesting chat with us:

Your favorite pastime during the lock down phase?

Well, I’ve spent my time experimenting new dishes which I destroyed mostly. Organizing my stuff because I never get time for that and spending maximum time with my family.

The most precious relationship that you have experienced during tough times?

The most beautiful relation apart from family is my friends they are there whenever I need them. Be it showbiz friends or school/college friends.

With whom you share your all kinds of secrets comfortably?

Hmmm, well I think with my sisters sometimes and friends too.

The worst part of your job is?

Now that I have started my own business it is taking all my time. I have to be alert most of the time. Sometimes I forget to enjoy the real moment.

  Weirdest comment you have ever had?

Hahaha, Oh my God! You are so skinny. Don’t you eat!

I always wanted to answer them what about you. Can’t you stop eating?

The hardest punishment ever received?

I haven’t received punishment till now.

  One celebrity you would like to accompany you to the space in a rocket?

There are many Zeba Ali, Juvaria Abbasi, Nadia Khan Sarah Sarfaraz and Syeda Amera

Good childhood memory in a phrase or sentence.

I have lots of childhood memories so can’t phrase it. You need to do another interview for that lol.

Your strangest talent?

That I can be an entrepreneur

Wow! I didn’t know it

Facetime or Skype?

Not an Iphone user it’s been ages that I’ve used Skype. I think whatsapp video call now a days.

  One thing you always do on the sets, which you hate but still love to do?

Whenever I get free time I prefer to sleep. I don’t know I hate it or love it. I think I need it.

Your favourite movie, serial, season, song, actors, singer in 2019-20?

Game of thrones

Money heist


If pissed off, how do you vent your anger?

It depends on the situation. I argue most of the time till I don’t get my answers.

One quality you’d like to change in yourself?

If it’s a quality then why would I change it?


The most romantic place around the world you have ever been to?

Dinner date with my husband in the middle of the desert in Dubai on my birthday.

If you give another chance to live your life. What will you do?

I will become a politician.

Whatsapp, FB, Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook

What would be that one thing you’d change about yourself?

May be I am so down to earth it is good in a way but People start to take you for granted. I want to change that.

What is your deepest fear?

Life after death

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

My grand parents

The person who received a punch or a kick from you lately?

No one really

Ever had a rumor spread about you and what was that about?

No not a single one or maybe I am not aware of it.

Do you prefer a love marriage, arranged marriage or being single?

Being single has its own perks but I prefer one to be married and settled only if you get a nice partner. Love marriage or arrange it doesn’t matter of you have a great life partner.

Which male/female celebrity would you want to take away for a weekend?

Aamir Khan and Kajol for sure.

 If you could bring back one famous person from the history, who would it be and why?

Lady Diana, She was a loving mother and an amazing human being and a philanthropist. 

 If you get a gadget that make you get invisible, who will be the first person you would like to take a revenge from and teach him a lesson?

There is a list which I can’t share here.

Your one word description of

Life:  exam

Friendship: best time

and Love: everything