Celebrity Scoop Sidra Niazi

The breakout actress who is gearing hard to make the industry sit up and take notice. On top of her budding career, the model & actress has also captured our imagination and our hearts in a short period of time with her charisma – and it looks like her reign is just getting started.

 Your favorite pastime during the lock down phase?


The most precious relationship that you have experienced during tough times?


With whom you share your all kinds of secrets comfortably?

No one

 The worst part of your job is?

You can’t eat all the time

 Weirdest comment you have ever had?

People insist that you are wearing lenses

 One celebrity you would like to accompany you to the space in a rocket?

I would rather take a friend

Good childhood memory in a phrase or sentence.

Your strangest talent?

I am a very good counsellor.

Facetime or Skype?


One thing you always do on the sets, which you hate but still love to do?

12)  Your favourite movie avengers end game, serial Alif, season big little lies, song, actors, singer arijeet Singh in 2019-20?

 If pissed off, how do you vent your anger?

In silence

One quality you’d like to change in yourself?

That I forgive and forget very easily

The most romantic place around the world you have ever been to?

Interlaken,  Switzerland

Have you ever been cheated on?


What three things would you carry with you on a date?


If you give another chance to live your life. What will you do?

I will be a psychologist

Whatsapp, FB, Instagram or Twitter?


Your idea of party and what turns you on?

Music beach friends

What would be that one thing you’d change about yourself?

so many things

What is your deepest fear?

Bitten by a snake

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

My parents

The person who received a punch or a kick from you lately?

A boy at a shopping place

Ever had a rumor spread about you and what was that about?


Do you prefer a love marriage, arranged marriage or being single?

Being in a relationship

Which male/female celebrity would you want to take away for a weekend?

Ryan Gosling OrFawad khan __

If you could bring back one famous person from the history, who would it be and why?

Princess Diana maybe because of her untimely demise and for the social work she was doing.

If you get a gadget that make you get invisible, who will be the first person you would like to take a revenge from and teach him a lesson will be

some relatives and teachers.

Your one word description of Life: rollercoaster, Friendship rare and Love temporary


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