A model and actor by profession, Omer Shahzad is surely a man of many talents. We caught up with the handsome star to dig some more.

Your all-time favorite movie?

What do you dislike most about your profession?
Work hours

What are you most grateful for?
My mother

Your favorite fashion label?
River Island – Basic

What do you hope to conquer next?
Film industry

An international actor you are inspired by?
Leonardo DiCaprio

Describe in one line how do you want the modeling industry to evolve in Pakistan?
I wish we can go beyond a certain look and color and be more open towards embracing potential in every size.

A model counterpart you would want to work with again and why?
Ayyan Ali – she is a very positive human being that I would love to work with.

What attracts you in a person?
Honesty and positivity

Is marriage on the cards?

Your guilty pleasure?
I am never guilty of any pleasure.

Where can we see you next?
On the big screen

How do you unwind?
With food and good friends.

What gets you through the worst times?
Patience and prayers

Your best modeling shoot to date?
There are many

A color that defines your personality?

An ideal travel destination?

Your guilty pleasure?
I am never guilty of any pleasure.

A strange habit of yours?
I can sleep ANYWHERE!

A quote you live by?
Live and let live.

Do you feel that people choose to be physically fit nowadays not so much for themselves but because it is considered a social trend?
People pleasing has been there since forever but lately people are more concerned about their Instagram body goals than how fit they are mentally or physically.

How would you rate yourself as a model?

How would you assess yourself as an actor?
Still learning

Your spirit animal?