Chitral- Spots to See this Summer!

I t’s amazing how we are always planning to travel outdoors when there is just so much wonder and greatness all around us waiting to be unraveled. With the summer vacation upon us, and due to the pandemic restrictions imposed on much of indoor entertainment, it is now time for you to step out and explore the wilderness.

One such place is the most beautiful, spectacular and famous place of Pakistan in the KPK province bordering Afghanistan and Gilgit-Baltistan region know as Chitral. It is known to the world for its mesmerizing and sublime beauty. The beautiful towering mountains of Hindukush range and the rich culture of the regions, especially the Kalash people, has been the interest of the tourists from all over the world. The most famous valley in the Chitral district is Kalash Valley that is known for its Greek Mythology. Without any doubt, they are proudly living their lives in their way. Furthermore, the valley is located in the south, almost 34 km away from Chitral. Learn about some more spots:

Tirich Mir
This lofty mountain peak is the highest of Hindukush range. It can be viewed from a higher place of Chitral Town in clear weather. It can also be viewed from the palace of Chitral’s King. This mountain is also highest in the world apart from Himalaya and Karakoram ranges.

Shahi Mosque
Shahi Masjid of Chitral was built in 1924 A.D. It was built by Shujaul Mulk, the Mehtar of Chitral (1895 – 1936). The mosque is famous for its strong and cultural architectural style.

Nestled in between the gigantic mountains and richly green land, Barmoghlasht is one of the famous summer resorts in Chitral. Located at a distance of 14. 5 kilometres away from the Chitral. Tourists preferred to visit the place in both seasons, in summers, the resort is perfect for paragliding and in winter for skiing. Each season brings adventure to this resort.

Chitral Museum
The idea of Chitral Museum came into being in order to preserve and protect the rich cultural heritage of Chitral. The museum is housing two galleries, Ethnological Gallery and Archaeological & Kalash Gallery.

Ayun Valley
You may be well aware of Kalash Valley but have you heard of this equally mesmerizing place? It is a lush green valley that serves as a gateway to Kalash valley. It is most favorite among tourists for its natural beauty and sit at the bank of River Chitral.

Governer Cottage
The Governor’s Lodge is one of the beautiful places in the Chitral Valley. It represents a typical architectural style. The place is surrounded by huge mountains and green landscapes. Many historical sites that fascinate tourists are preserved here. When the weather is fine, you can clearly admire Tirch Mir from here. In addition, this place is open to the public. It is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Chitral. There is just something mystifying about these old buildings. It is packed with so much enriching history and places of absolute galore you wouldn’t want to miss! Pack your bags and plan a trip soon!


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