Committing to the World of Music IN CONVERSATION WITH RIZWAN Anwar

One conversation with the immensely talented Rizwan Anwar- the soulful voice that brought us ‘Laiyan Laiyan’- and you know this is an individual who is truly committed to fulfilling his musical vision simply because he loves music. The singer, lyricist and very dedicated composer has been creating amazing works of art with the simple notion that music knows no boundaries and embraces it by unleashing his creativity.

Social Diary had an interesting chat with this major star of musical prowess who shared what it is that keeps him moving forward and creating songs with impactful words. Read On:

SD: Creating a musical career is no easy feat. How did you venture into this field?
Rizwan: You would find it interesting to know that I was not interested in singing at all. What happened was in my school, there was a ‘Naat-Khawani’ competition which I won. My voice gained a lot of praise and my friends especially encouraged me to pursue music as a career.
SD: Till date what remains your most passionate project and why?
Rizwan: Tu Mera Nahi Hai is probably one of my most passionate projects as it was something I had composed and kept with me for a while. I knew early on it had a spark to it which people would embrace and enjoy, so I put my heart and soul into creating it. It took quite a while for it to be written and sung. People heard it in Nescafe Basement and it was the OST of a drama, and interestingly, it has been used for yet another recent drama ‘Azmaish’s OST. This was something which has happened for the first time in the Pakistani drama industry, depicting how much the song has been loved by the public.
SD: Is there a specific kind of musical genre you like to work with or are you up for trying anything from the musical spectrum?
Rizwan: I don’t think a person should stick to a single genre. You should continue to do different experiments. I have always moved forward with pop music and I have been using acoustics a lot in most of my songs. But recently I have released songs where I have implemented the use of electronic music as well as acoustic-based pop music. I feel it’s important for us to keep on experimenting and creating new flavors of music. There are no restrictions you need to abide by.

SD:How do you feel the musical stance in the country has been progressing?
Rizwan: When I started in the field of music, there were not a lot of platforms. There were just two major platforms for new talent to showcase their skills- YouTube and Facebook. But now there are a vast number of platforms and opportunities for our singers to pursue and present their talent with. It is readily accessible for those with talent to present their vocal skills. It is easy for talent to get viral. So this is a major benefit which you can attain from various giants on Social Media. I feel today’s world is more generous and welcoming to new talent emerging.
SD: Do you feel there is tough competition in the field and how important is talent when it comes to remaining steadfast in this field?
Rizwan: I feel that competition should definitely be there. It is the only way an artist will progress. I don’t take it in a negative stance. It pushes you to give your 100%. There is competition in the market and you need it to fight against your insecurities and gain inspiration from others to give your absolute best.
SD: When looking at it from a global angle, do you feel we are lacking something to still not make an international stance when it comes to our musical standing?
Rizwan: Specially touching on the subject of music, I feel there are plenty of genres on which we need to work hard and create a mark. Our market is now more or less commercial and people prefer upbeat songs now more than ever. I listen to all kinds of music, but people have their own certain likes. In early 2000, there was a strong rock scene in the market. Bands were awesome and energetic but as we have noticed, musicians are more into commercial platforms now. And I am talking about our well-known leading musicians and not underground artists who are taking the easy road without pushing the barriers to create music which embraces different genres. We need more platforms like Coke Studio to make an impact.
SD: How do you feel music can aim to create a strong mark when it comes to highlighting our country in a positive way?
Rizwan: I would like to highlight that good music and outstanding work needs creativity which is unfortunately lacking. We are provided parameters and certain limitations which are not allowing many musicians to express their work on their own terms. Nescafe Basement has presented some amazing people the opportunity to showcase their sheer talent. Our country will shine when our artists can define their work solely on the basis of their creativity.

SD: What are your upcoming projects?
Rizwan: Four of my music videos are ready and I am slightly confused on how to release them during this pandemic. It’s a major step and investment, so I am trying to figure out when I should be unveiling my work. I would probably wait as I would love to incorporate live sessions and concerts with it, as honestly that is the major way in which an artist earns.
SD: Your words of inspiration for those who want to make a mark in the field of music?
Rizwan: My words of advice goes to anyone who is pursuing any kind of work. Before jumping into it, commit your complete honesty to it. You will have to ensure you are accepting your flaws and will commit to working on it. Like for a singer, if you are depending on a computer to give a nudge to your singing skills, then you need to take a step back and embrace your flaws and work towards getting better. Look at other’s work, gain inspiration, and take opinion where needed. Know that you are investing your precious time into it- make each second count.


The Thing You are Grateful for in the Lockdown?
Your most prized possession?
My daughter
A music collaboration you would love to be part of?
Coke Studio
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Three things you have with you all the time?
Mobile, Vape and Handsfree
Your favorite movie?
Gangs of Wasypur
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Morning Person
Desi Wear or Western
Deepest Fear
To die in an airplane crash
Biggest Regret

An Inspiring Role Model
My Father
Biggest Strength
Wife, Daughter and Parents
Someone you wish meet
Top 3 things on your bucket list
Releasing 3 new songs
The best thing about your work
I love doing what I do.
The worst thing about your work
Timing issues
Your favorite musician?
Xulfi, Saad Sultal, Ali Mustafa, Sheraz Uppal and many more
What people don’t know about you?
My Stubbornness
The craziest rumor you heard about yourself
That I am so mean
Your dream destination



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