Comparison between Mozarella & Cheddar Cheese

From milk derivatives cheese is the most popular because of its nutrition value and an array of flavors that can be added for nutrition.

T he Difference Between Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese Mozzarella and Cheddar are the two types of cheeses which shows prominent differences among them when it comes to its method of preparation and their nutrient content. Mozzarella is said to be originated from Italy, where as theCheddar cheese is known to have originated from a small village known as Cheddar in Somerset situated in England.Even though mozzarella is white in color, many a time it does change its color to yellow as well. This is probably because of the animal’s diet that shows this effect. Whereas, Cheddar is white and slightly yellow in color. At the same time, mozzarella is not very hard in texture, whereas, cheddar’s texture is very hard. Whereas, the texture of mozzarella is semi-soft.In the preparation of both the types of cheese, milk is used. Milk being the common component, yet different types of milk is used. Cheddar is made up of cow’s milk and mozzarella is made up of buffalo’s milk. This is the most essential and prominent difference among these two cheese.Mozzarella has a longer shelf life; it can be preserved and stored in the refrigerator for the span of a month or so. In many instances, it also can be preserved and stored for six or more months. Whereas, when it comes to Cheddar Cheese, it is known to have the longest shelf life as far as preservation is concerned. It can also be preserved at times for about 60 or more months.Cheddar is produced globally in comparison to the production of the Mozzarella Cheese. Cheddar is produced and manufactured in countries such as Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, United States, Belgium, Australia and many more countries. It is also very well known in the United Kingdom.It is essential to know that mozzarella is very commonly used in the preparation of pastas as well as pizzas. It is also essential to know that cheddar is packed very carefully in comparison to mozzarella due to its hard texture.Cheddar cheese is mostly packaged in black wax or larded cloth. It is very common that almost all the types of cheese need pasteurization. Cheese like Cheddar is very often pasteurized. Whereas, Mozzarella is not that often pasteurized, however it is done at times. This is one of the other major differences among both these cheese.Even though there are numerous and several types of Cheddar, which is manufactures in the United Kingdom, the type, named Quicken had won the award for the best cheese by the British Cheese Association. This particular cheese is processed very differently in comparison to Mozzarella. Whilst processing, Cheddar is kept at a steady temperature, and it also needs special facilities.Cutting as well as spinning is used while preparing the Mozzarella. In Italy, Buffalo Mozzarella is very well renowned. It is manufactured from the milk of domesticated water buffalo. Many a times it is observed that while preparing mozzarella even cow milk is used to do so. These above mentioned are the most prominent and common differences between the two cheeses.Also, Mozzarella Cheese is a sliceable Curd Cheese that has its origins in Italy. Traditional Mozzarella Cheese is made from milk of water buffalos herded in very few countries such as Italy and Bulgaria. As a result, most of the Mozzarella Cheeses available now are made from the cow’s milk. Mozzarella contains 85 calories and 6.3 grams of fat per ounce. If you compare it to Cheddar then Cheddar has 113 calories and 9 grams of fat. If you want to stick with lower-calorie cheeses to eat healthy, try part-skim Mozzarella, Swiss cheese, and Feta cheese. Cheddar, the most popular cheese in the United Kingdom and second-most popular (behind mozzarella) in the United States, is a hard, somewhat sharp-tasting natural cow’s milk cheese. Now widely produced throughout the world, cheddar-style cheeses may also use goat’s and sheep’s milk, and even nondairy milk, although they only approximate the classic. Cow’s milk cheddar is a good source of K vitamins, which are important for heart and bone health. But the high calorie count of Cheddar makes it not quite the right of choice for those on diet.

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