Dailogue with Savvy PR Gurus

Q.1 What is it like working for PR in Pakistan?
Q.2 Since events have gone out of the window, do you think virtual launches can bring about the same impact?
Q.3 And in the longer run the future is digital, so what are the provisions they’re taking to make their launch events effective virtually?
Q.4 According to you what is the most effective way of dealing a difficult client?
Q.5 What message you would like to give all the brands out there?

Aden Rehan
Aden Rehan – the woman of substance and the PR guru who is known for her dynamic and pristine work skills in the industry has shared her thoughts about the PR in Pakistan with us:
A.1 Working for PR in Pakistan is exciting, challenging and most definitely, rewarding.
A.2 A big bang launch event certainly makes for a remarkable first impression – but it is just a one-time thing. I have always advised my clients in the past as well to sustain the hype digitally, since it’s the only way they can get maximum mileage and reach from target audience and masses.

A.3 As of now, everything has shifted to the digital forums and rightfully so. Digital platforms are being used the most – while you are on the go or at home. This is an optimum time for the brands to capitalize on the opportunity to launch virtually. When things get back to normal hopefully, launches and events would still play a key role in any brand’s PR.
A.4 Dialogue. It is the one thing that has always helped me in the past and it still continues to be one thing that is effective while dealing with a difficult client.
A.5 Every brand should invest in PR. They should see it as an investment rather than expense. This is your ultimate solution to stay relevant in the market and public. Even the big brands have PR agencies on board because but they know it is the only way they won’t be lost in space regardless of their brand equity.


Tehmina Khaled
Fashion Journalist turned publicist, a woman of power Tehmina Khaled, owns one of the most popular PR agencies, Take 2, in Pakistan. Recently, Team Social Diary Magazine had an interesting conversation with her and this is what she told us:
A.1 The PR industry is still in its inception in Pakistan. We have a long way to go. There are still lots of concepts which we need to apply in PR in Pakistan. It is definitely a very exciting field and i love working as a publicist.

A.2 The concept virtual launches have not really picked up in Pakistan as we have our limitations regarding social media awareness/terrific etc. but brands can be launched through an interesting digital campaign and PR companies are mostly confused on this.
A.3 You are absolutely right digital is future. But there are a lot of aspects involved in events and there are different kinds of requirements for every event . For example, all over the world people are trying to organize sports events without audience, only to be run on TV and social media but only handful sports organizations were successful in doing so. Switching to digital and virtual events is a very slow process and need lot of expertise/technical training.
A.4 I believe in this old theory “client is always right “but i do try and educate my client as well. Client handling requires lot of patience and effective communication. If you don’t have patience and good communication skill you are not fit for PR.
A.5 Message for brands? Well i would like to request them to try and experiment with new concepts, explore new avenues in media, work with fresh platforms /influencers (people who have good reach and produce great content) and also work with different PR agencies instead of working with just one. The change can bring fresh approach and new strategies for your brand’s PR.


Samra Muslim
Samra Muslim, the CEO of Walnut communications is a lady with an unparalleled vision! Social Diary got in touch with Samra to get her review on Pakistan’s PR industry.
A 1. PR is fun, crazy and something unique every time!
A2. It all depends on the purpose of the event in the overall campaign, and as the messaging platform changes from event to online – the impact will change as well – that means there will be a difference, and it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

A3. As an agency at Walnut Communications we try to make sure all our campaigns are hitting 360 degrees – print, digital, electronic, interactive – and that’s how we will strive to continue (inshaAllah) in the changing times too.
A4. I still have to figure out that formula. Open to learn the tricks from anyone who has!!
A5. Hire a PR agency to be your partner, not a vendor to just get you 20 bloggers and 10 Instagram posts up. Work with them to build a narrative for your brand and humanize it for the consumers!!


Rezz Aly Shah
Rezz Aly Shah, an esteemed personality in the world of event management needs no introduction! His style and commitment has made him everybody’s favorite and hard to compete in the thriving business of PR and event management. Team Social Diary had a conversation with him and that’s what he had to say:
A.1 It’s been 15 years that I’ve been in Fashion ,Pr and Events business and has been a very tough journey, but have managed to do well with PR skills and hard work.

A.2 When we do launch event it’s about promotion of a brand, store, or cafe/ restaurant, generally the product. Getting people to the venue is one end of promotion and digital marketing and post event coverage is another end. So both have their value and i feel times will change soon and things will be normal InshaAllah.
A.3 I feel no matter how digital the future might be, having a launch event might still have its attraction as people want to go out and end of day we all want to be seen at glam events. Not virtually but physically too.
A.4 Deliver what one has promised. That’s best way forward for a smooth dealing.
A.5 InshaAllah the Covid situation will end soon and we need to keep fingers crossed. Then back to events and promotional launches soon. Never give up.


Frieha Altaf
Frieha Altaf, an epitome of grace and beauty has contributed a lot to the fashion industry of Pakistan. The fashion icon owns Catwalk Event Management and Productions. Upon asking her about the PR industry, that’s what she had to say:
A.1 We are living in the digital age where the digital PR for brands becomes most important tool for marketers in Pakistan as well. . The whole industries dynamics are changed brands are shifting their expending into PR/Social Media or E-commerce platforms. Influencers marketing campaign added in PR for increasing Brand’s awareness through endorsement and brands are keeping influencers onboard for engage customer directly for their fan based.

A.2 The Whole world is fighting with this Covid and new normal is ‘virtual’ for launches and this is the time to reset your goal and invent new era as mostly Pakistani are active on social media, Virtual shows will give sustainability and audience will get a chance to experience virtual events online.
A.3 Content is a vital part of any event and for virtual events, we cannot compromise on quality of productions, all sops has to follow to produce virtual event and it is a new normal as celebrities and people are more curious about their health in this trying times.
A.4 Every client is difficult client and we have to full fil their requirement with explanation because they are playing their roll from other side and our responsibility is to give realistic insides for growth of their brands.
A.5 Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope.


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