Daniyal Raheal

Having a healthy lifestyle is not an option anymore, it is mandatory. Luckily Social Diary is here to motivate you with fitness routine of your favourite celebrities! This week Daniyal Raheal shares his routine with us all.

What’s your morning routine?

I usually wake up in the morning and take about 10 mins to center myself. That means stretching, breathing and becoming present in the moment.

What is your usual workout routine like?

I divide my work out into a routine called Push, Pull and Legs. For Push days I do weights that focus on the pushing movement which include chest triceps and shoulders. Pull days are mostly back and biceps. Legs are a separate day and I do them twice a week. Along with these divisions I also box and skip for HIIT every day and throw in some core exercises such as kettle bell swings inverted planks etc.

How important is breakfast for you? What does it usually consist of?

Although I love having breakfast, often it’s a meal I can easily skip but when I am on a diet plan that requires me to have it, I end up eating like a mad man. I usually have, a bowl of porridge with fresh fruit. Sometimes I have meat for breakfast like steaks, bits of kababs, a couple of eggs and loads of water.

What does being fit mean to you?

Being fit is a state of existence. It means being conscious of how you look, how you feel and how you live your life. From the little things like cutting your finger nails to bigger stuff like watching what you eat, playing sports and getting enough sleep.

What is your take on junk food?

Junk food is essential for a sound state of mental well-being. No one can and should restrict their diet to a point where they cut out all soul food. Moderation is key.
Do you follow any particular diet? Such as keto, paleo, vegetarian?

I do intermittent fasting which means that I fast for 16 hours in a day (including the time I sleep) and I eat for the remaining 8 hours. While doing so I also monitor the amount of protein and carbs that I consume, trying to keep the refined carbs and sugars as low as I can.


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