DIY Gift Boxes! TOP3 Ways to Make Them

Ever wondered how to make your own gift boxes? There is just something special and meaningful when you give out something which is made by your own two hands.If store-bought gift boxes just aren’t doing it for you, try making one of these DIY gift boxes instead. They are super easy to create and look amazing! From easy origami boxes to milk carton style boxes, there’s just so much you can try that looks incredible and simply stands out! I want to share some of the top choices for the same!

These origami boxes are easy and fun to make. No cutting or gluing required. Not only do they make fantastic gift boxes but they’re also great for storing craft supplies like washi tape, paperclips, drawing pins and other little bits and pieces.
For each box, you need to make two pieces. One for the base and one slightly larger for the lid. Each half only takes a couple of minutes to make. Once you’ve had a bit of practice it shouldn’t take longer than five minutes for you to make a whole gift box from scratch.To make a sturdy gift box I recommend using scrapbook paper or lightweight cardstock. It’s harder to fold but means your box will be stronger and able to hold something heavier like delicious homemade cookies. Scrapbook paper is th ick enough to make a sturdy box but not too thick (like a piece of card) that folding becomes too difficult.

Want to pack your homemade gifts in a cute little box but are short on time? Then look no further, there are so many free printable boxes and bags which are just the perfect solution. You can print, cut and fold in minutes.It’s that easy but makes it look so much more crafty. Nothing like getting things done with your own two hands.
Print the templates out.
Trim the scrapbook paper to size and print the template out onto the blank side of the paper. If you’re printing using Adobe Acrobat reader make sure to set page scaling to ‘none’ so the template is true to size.
Cut the template out following the solid line.
Score and fold along the dashed lines.
Stick down the 4 small tabs with double-sided tape and assemble.
Fill with a small gift or treat.
Do you want to make a gift for someone with whom you have a lot of pictures? There are certain people that just like to click photos of random moments. If your friend is like that, then here is a beautiful present that they’re going to love! It’s an exploding box which will have pictures all around it when opened and a present in the center. This is one of the best crafts you can make and sell. Plus its a major keepsake you can enjoy for a long time. An explosion box is an origami box that pops open and “explodes” as soon as the recipient takes the top off, revealing pictures, messages, and even gifts inside. There are SO many ways you can use this DIY exploding box. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, prom-posals and even engagements could be celebrated with an explosion box. You’ll want to start your explosion box by folding a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock into a box.In order to do this, you need to fold flaps at 4 inches in each side of the card stock, making 9 smaller 4×4 inch squares on the page. You can use a ruler to fold the box, but a scoring tool would come in very handy here. After you have your cardstock folded into 9 squares, you need to create the corners. To do this, simply bring the folded edge of each corner together, pinching the excess cardstock into a triangle on the inside of the box. After you have your corners folded, you can trim them to give the box a better effect. For this project I made star tips by drawing a line from the tip of the angular fold to the center of the adjoining fold of one of the smaller squares. I’ve also seen explosion boxes where people made hearts out of the corners as well. This is a super cute effect that is easily achieved as well.



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