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“First and foremost I think for successful marriage, luck has to play the lead role not love neither arranged….”
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This time, we took a special interview of much known fashion celebrity Dua Malick, who is a lovable wife and recently entered into motherhood; she is younger sister of famous Pakistani model and actress; Humaima Malick. She used to do hosting a morning show from Express entertainment named “Sur saath savera”. She also sang the title song of her own morning show… Here she shared the prized memories that splurge with her family and now the endeavor of newly motherhood…

1. Express the moment when you first meet with your partner?315jvw7

I started believing on love at first sight. It may sound unreal but I said I’d get married to this guy to a friend who was sitting with me and I did! I came back home I told umaima ‘umaimaaaaa I want to tell you something, I’m in love and I want to marry him but I don’t know how will I do it’ and she said ‘RELAX’ . Sounds unreal but I still feel for him with the same intensity as I did the very first moment. it was quite filmy and dramatic


2. Tell us about your childhood home?11165325_10152961915999200_3341430061288519739_n

Can you believe we still go to watch our childhood home from outside to cherish those beautiful memories. I think none of us can forget our first home. Me Humaima and Feroz had tiny age difference so did all mischief together in childhood. Our mother was sick of us three stooges we still miss patang bazi, kho-kho and funny games we played. Every day bang on 5 to7 was our play time and all the neighbor kids gathered. We three had a tiny team against all the other kids. We had an amazing childhood.


3. How do you celebrate holidays with your family?

I travel. And I am a maniac when it comes to travelling. I wouldn’t stay for a minute in hotel. Would just wear the most comfortable shirt sneakers make a high bun and walk out on the roads wherever I go. Discover people, places, language, culture and almost everything about the country I visit. I don’t waste a moment in the hotel. I and Humaima have enjoyed the holidays together the most. Out of all the places we have been and partied… London is my jaan.


4. Tell us about the day your first child was born?10365878_876916015658032_6311583850348342841_n

Hushh!! Thats where every mother lacks of words. With all the pain, sleepless nights, rollercoaster of mood swings… Seeing her face for the first time it all was worth it! It changed me as a person. TOTALLY. I touched the ground and nothing was important for me more than Ziyara . My world started revolving around her and still doing the same. I used to judge people from how they were with me. Now I judge people on the basis of how they are towards my daughter. To me the moment I saw her it was a feeling ‘I would die to give you all i could all my life’


5. Suggest any 4 tips how to take all the family relations in a proper manner?

I would tell you an Urdu wise quote here that my mum taught me ‘eik chup sou sukh’ . Worked wonders for me after marriage.
1. When things aren’t working your way stay quiet and speak on the right time.
2. Learn to keep secrets.
3. Mold yourself with everyone individually.
4. And don’t feel sorry for saying sorry. It will always make u a bigger person


6. What do you prefer for your kids to choose best for their future, either the field in which you are working currently or any other?

First priority is to make her a good human and Muslim. And then go for whatever she is good at and she enjoys doing. But I believe even if she is world champ and not a good human. To me it’s worthless.

7. As you and your life partner are in same industry, so is it somehow helpful for both of you to understand each other or sometimes competition arises?

Never ever! We loveeee each other’s work! It’s like a romantic dream life when Sohail plays guitar makes the tune and I make the lyrics. We sometimes write for each other. I help him make music he helps me for my work. Sohails last video “main hosh mein tha” was more like a family get together. Humaima on the back of camera. Feroz in the front. I was leading production so it’s amazing we all help each other at work its fun to be in same industry. Because when we sit together we have a lot of gossips.

8. What is more beneficial to spend a happily life….love or arrange marriage?

First and foremost I think for successful marriage, luck has to play the lead role not love neither arranged. I’ve seen people trying hard all their lives and it never worked and others never made any effort and they are happily ever after. But yes if it’s not love why would someone even bother to care, compromise, respect and stay.

9. Describe a typical family dinner. Did you all eat together as a family? Who did the cooking? What were your favorite foods?

Family dinners are really important, it’s refreshing as we realize that people are there to take your back, there is a group of people whom you can be real with, share, listen and enjoy talking about your embarrassing secrets, childhood and what not. We love to pull each other’s legs and share laughters. It’s good to take out time together from our busy individual lives and all siblings gather at mother’s place once in a week dress up nice and enjoy yummy mom’s food. We all love her biryani and sheer korma. All our siblings hate to eat out as nothing can beat my mom’s famous cooking.

10. How is the world today different from what it was like when you were a child?

Extremely different. I wonder how it’s going to be when Ziyara grows up and it scares me. I am extremely against how little kids have tablets and phones these days and act as if its nessicity. I guess I won’t let Ziyara have one. Because it’s more important to go out and play games meet other kids talk and play. Kids today have no physical and mental development that kids lack these days. We today think that being genius is being a gadget champ that’s WRONG!



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