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The Last Suspicious Holdout by Ladee Hubbard

From the author of The Rib King comes a collection of stories about the Black residents of a southern suburb in the years between the beginning of the Clinton administration and Obama’s election. It’s about racism, the war on drugs, class and struggle, but at its heart, it’s a portrait of a community. While it doesn’t flinch away from the hard truth, it’s also filled with love and a steely kind of hope.

Ramadan Vibes with Art Beat Creations

There is no better way to welcome Ramadan than with such amazing accessories that bring forth the spirit of this special month. Art Beat Creations are pioneers of premium Islamic products for everyday and special occasions. We are completely loving the beautifully designed prayer mats complemented by matching accessories such as Quran cover, prayer beads and Rainbow Quran. It serves as a complete Ramadan package and these make for a perfect gift idea for a loved one! Check out these amazing Rainbow Qurans!

They are enclosed in a premium faux leather embossed cover and inside are beautifully rainbow colored pages. You will also find kid-friendly designs in bright colors encouraging them to pray regularly. Definitely one of our favorites when it comes to encouraging the spiritual spirit in yourself and your kids.

Bilal’s Take on Nursery Rhymes

Strings founder Bilal Maqsood is putting his musical talents to other uses — he has written, composed and sung eight nursery rhymes in Urdu, shifting his focus to a much younger, cuter audience. The animated rhymes are available on YouTube. Maqsood said his sole purpose was to provide Pakistani children with quality Urdu content. “Hi guys! Eight original Urdu nursery rhymes. Written, composed and sung by me in collaboration with Peek Freans Gluco are now on YouTube,” the singer captioned an Instagram post. He added that they will be available on all the audio streaming platforms soon!

Shawarmas Never Tasted Better

When you are aiming for succulent tastes to shawarma goodness, don’t miss out on Bait Shawarma. This amazing spot in Islamabad allows you to enjoy shawarmas in their absolute delectable form. There are so many flavors and sauces that you can try. It is definitely one of the places to be when you wish to indulge in Arabian cuisine. Get your taste buds tickled in the best way!


An Enchanting Short film!

See prime never fails to impress its viewers as it gives hits after hits and this time they present to us yet another short film titled “Truth Or Dare” starring “Yasmha Gill”, “Mirza Zain Baig” ,”Naeema Garaj” “Mohammad Hanif” and “Aamir Shah”. Truth Or Dare takes the students back in time where they attend their college reunion.With old memories rushing back to them they start to play their most favourite game “Truth Or Dare from their college days.After a very naughty dare that they play with their principals’ wife, Shaan and Saima start choosing truth and here the story depicts and reveals true love between Shaan and Saima. This enchanting love story “Truth or Dare” is a film by Mohsin Talat. Written by Ashar Naeem, produced by Ali Hussain and Mahib Bukhari and exclusively produced by none other than Seemeen Naveed “Truth Or Dare” is now available for viewers on SeePrime’s YouTube channel.


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