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All Too Well Unveils (Revamped)

All Too Well” is back in the spotlight in the most unusual way. After a contentious dispute with her former Nashville record label over the lucrative master recordings of her first six albums, Swift announced in 2019 that she would rerecord each album so she would fully own it. On Friday, Swift officially dropped the new “Red (Taylor’s Version).” The fifth track was still “All Too Well” — but in a twist, the final tune was “All Too Well (10 Minute Version),” with previously unreleased lyrics that fans have been obsessing over for years. Part of the reason “All Too Well” stood out, along with its razor-sharp lyrics (the most-quoted: “You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest”), is that it was packed with specific details as the devastated narrator reflected on the happiest memories of a failed relationship. Swift, naturally, didn’t reveal the identity of her paramour — but she did everything except include Gyllenhaal’s photo in the liner notes, as the song’s clue was “MAPLE LATTE”.

Donut Love

Who doesn’t enjoy indulging in some major sweet vibes of doughy goodness? Its amazing how Pakistan has some great offerings and we recently tried out a few nibbles from an impressive spread of choices at ‘Dough With the Flow’. The dough is soft, tastes distinctive and it simply stands out. So the next time you feel like nibbling into something tasty and sugary, hit this cute little outlet in Islamabad and enjoy some really awesome flavors aplenty.

3000 Year-Old Cemetery Discovered

A team of archaeologists from Hazara University has landed upon a new treasure trove of history as it extended its dive further deep into the archaic cemetery, originally discovered almost a decade ago, led by Professor Dr Abdul Hameed Khan, as they find relics, figurines and ways of inhumation traceable back to the iron age of human civilization, circa 600- to 1000 B.C. The utmost, and at present, also the ultimate priority of the team is to not only find how the people then lived, but also to learn what diseases plagued them and what sort of diet they preferred to match their lifestyles.

Intricate Home Designs

Who doesn’t like to have their house decorated in gorgeous colors and designs? Hand Made Designer Crafts, Hand Knotted Carpets, Hand Woven Killims & Home Furnishings- the Forgotten Crafts offers you a flair of designs which are traditional with a touch of unconventional vibes. There is sheer detail and it completely stands out, allowing you to marvel into these intricate designs which compliment your surroundings with a hint of personal feels. Check out their Insta handle @forgottencraftshome to know more.

Yasir Akhtar is Back!

The multitalented icon Yasir Akhtar is back again with another unique series of films called ‘Multinational Films’ on our national network. These films will be premiering on the PTV network. ‘Multinational Films’ will be comprising of twelve new films with different storylines and locations. Each film will be of approximately 100 minutes and will be aired on the national network quarterly. The films will be shot in Pakistan, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Canada, U.A.E and other attractive locations. Besides having the entertainment value, the ‘Multinational Films’ will share a positive message. The films will also have artists from other cultural backgrounds to create a multicultural look.The renowned filmmaker, singer, actor and producer behind countless productions and songs will be producing ‘Multinational Films’ under the banner of his company Pegasus Productions. Recently, Yasir released two successful films called ‘Azaad’ and ‘Rung Dorangi’ on major channels. The first film of the series Multinational Films is ‘Mujh Ko Pata Hai’ shot in London will be premiering on Yasir Akhtar’s birthday on PTV Network on 23rd November, 2021.


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