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Hogwarts Vibes in Lahore!
The Government College University-Lahore is hosting a weeklong #HarryPotter festival which is including a screening of a student-produced film called ‘The Last Follower And The Resurrection of Voldemort.’ The entire campus transformed into Hogwarts, as students pay homage to the beloved series. In the college event, Harry Potter fans will experience a week-long thematic festival built around ‘Potterverse’. Now that’s what we call paying a proper homage to one of the most beloved series out there. There’s just no stopping the sheer creativity of Pakistani students now is there?











Shawarma Done Right!

If you like juicy, tender, well-seasoned meat you are in for a real treat! Whether you are looking for a tasty lunch, a delicious dinner or a late night snack, you can’t go wrong with Wrap Lab’s Authentic Beef and Chicken Shawarma. This looks great and is flavorsome in every bite. There might
be many shawarma places out there but just a few that have got the zest and truly tantalizing taste to offer. Also their mint margarita as well as a platter of hummus is absolutely divine! Check out the wholesome offerings @wraplab.pk


New Drama Serial

Spearheaded by ace producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, another compelling narrative ‘Faasiq’ for the audiences’ has come forward. ‘Faasiq’ depicts the way people’s behavior changes with the time when they are led astray from the path of righteousness and gravitate towards wrongdoings. Penned down by Hina Huma Nafees and directed by Saleem Ghanchi, Faasiq supports an ensemble cast including Sehar Khan, Haroon Shahid, Adeel Chaudhary, Sukaina Khan, Mohsin Gilani, Tariq Jamil, Azra Mohiuddin, Sabiha Hashmi, Beena Chaudhry and, Sadaf Ashaan.

Capturing Pakistan’s Beauty!

The Australian High Commissioner opened a photography exhibition, ‘Mythical Landscapes’ by Australian photographer and blogger Gaynor Shaw at Satrang Gallery in Islamabad. “After arriving in Islamabad two years ago, I knew I needed to tell a different, more positive story about Pakistan. I started this blog ‘Postcards from Pakistan,’ to share not just the photos but stories from my travels throughout Pakistan,” the Australian photographer said.Gaynor’s fascination with northern Pakistan started with her trip to the Northern areas of Pakistan, Gilgit, Hunza, and Skardu. She was captivated with the beauty and grandeur of these magical landscapes, which she captured through her lens in this series of photographs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We are just going to come out and say it- things we absolutely adore and love are those that look so great. They are colorful and so joyful to our surroundings. This is why we are absolutely loving the kind of offerings at this vibrant store. From cute stationery, to style-statement elements of home décor, here’s looking into making your space happening and so lit! Check out their awesome collection and make it your very own @aesthetictales.official


Cinnamon & Mind Blowing Ways to Use It!