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Chris is Back in Extraction 2!

While the first film was set in the sweltering climes of Dhaka, this time Rake is being dragged through the snow – thankfully, by the looks of things, he’s packed his winter warmers. And if he’s somehow alive (as teased in a blurry final shot from the first film) after receiving some pretty major mortal wounds the first time around, it looks like poor ol’ Tyler Rake has once again been bashed around, with some particularly bloody head wounds on display here. Ouch. Little else is known about the sequel – maybe this time he’ll dispatch someone with a tiler, as well as a rake – but we do know that Joe Russo (of the Russo Brothers) is back on scripting duties, Sam Hargrave is also returning as director, and it’s due on Netflix at some point in 2022, most likely towards the latter end of the year. Merry Rake-mas, everyone!

‘Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam’ Soundtrack Drops

Having dropped initial glimpses from the show and with swelling anticipation, Zee5 Global has now released the original soundtrack of Zindagi’s next original. Titled ‘Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam’ based on the title of the show, the song is composed by ace writer and musician Ali Sethi, sung by Farheen Raza Jaffry, and penned by Farjad Nabi. The song takes viewers into a dark, gritty world of suspense and thrill and has a sensuous vibe.
“The song encapsulates the essence of this show and is the best possible invitation to it. It embodies a playful yet empowered feminine voice that I had wanted for the theme song. The mix of desi and western, contemporary, and vintage is simply brilliant. Kudos to the team behind it.” said Creator and Director of the show, Meenu Gaur.

No Ordinary Road! Pakistan’s First Plastic Road Completed

Pakistan’s first plastic road is paved with recycled plastic and a coalition of willing partners with the aim to create a scalable solution for plastic to be used in high-value production. First of its kind plastic road has a length of one kilometer on Ataturk Avenue. Almost 10 tons of plastic waste was recycled to re-carpet a one-kilometer-long patch of Ataturk Avenue in the Pakistani capital. What a major initiative which definitely hints on sustainable living. We hope to see more of such amazing projects come to fruition in other parts of the country!

Nails Define Incredible Art
There’s just something absolutely divine about this nail art. Have you ever seen art in its most absolute form? Nail Studio by Elvira Safina shows how your creativity has no limits. This is incredibly impressive. Check out all of these incredible designs and very fine work which depicts complete talent. @safinailstudio is definitely going to be giving other nail salons a run for their money!

Hot for ‘Plan B Burgers’

Talk about delectable burgers and fries. Whether it is ‘Hot Chick & Nashville Hot Chicken’, the most insanely delicious onion fries or even something as extremely great as fettuccine alfredo pasta, this place knows how to get those taste buds completely fired up. We are really loving the spread of flavors and how you can choose your buns and make it creative and a memorable gathering with the friends. Enjoy the goodness of food with
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