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Capture Youth Glow Booster Age-Delay Illuminating Serum


Dior just one-upped your glass of orange juice with a serum that’s made with murunga plum, a fruit that the brand claims is 100 times more concentrated in vitamin C than oranges. That, combined with AHAs and antioxidant-rich ingredients, makes this glow-boosting tonic a must-have for winter.

It works so amazingly, that within days you will notice a jaw dropping improvement in the appearance of our pores and the texture of my skin. You can use as part of your day time an night time routine to have a healthy skin!

Food Filled weekend!

Get your forks and knives ready Lahore! Fortress Square Mall is back with its exciting Rooftop Food Festival! The food filled event is taking place from 28th till 30th December. Winter plus a weekend dedicated to food is a match made in heaven! Let’s light up the winter weekend!

Secret Buyer Pakistan

If you are looking for all the nitty gritty about the fashion industry and all the so called inspirations you need to get to this account ASAP. She is not your everyday blogger or instagrammer. She is an honest to the core influencer, who knows everything about the fashion industry, without getting any freebies. So if you are looking for honest opinions and reviews of almost any and everything, do give her a shot.

Campfires Beyond The Frozen Passes

The theme of this book is exploration in Central Asia in the latter half of the 19th century by the big powers of that era, the British Empire in India and the ever expanding Russian Empire under the Tsars, whose involvement in Afghanistan dates back to the nineteenth century and was epitomized by deceit, treachery, wars and exploration of the vast central Asian hinterland by brave and daring individuals. At times the rivalry between Imperial Britain and Tsarist Russia to woo the Afghan Amirs was so intense, that it was feared they might head for a collision course in Central Asia.

The story blends characters conjured up in the mould of 19th century British and Tsarist explorers with fairytale characters, some of which are out of Pashto folktales that have been woven into the fabric of the tale, while some are the author’s own concoctions. The contents of the book were shared with school children, friends and family, and they encouraged the author to publish it. According to them it was among the best adventure stories they had read in a long time.

Headspace: Meditation


If you suffer from an overcrowded mind, this is the app for you. Like a personal trainer for your psyche, Headspace acts like your very own mindfulness coach, teaching you how to use meditation techniques to focus, de-stress and relax. Requiring as little as ten minutes of commitment a day, this app will help you become a master of meditation in no time at all.


Get ready for this breathtakingly beautiful unstitched luxury collection from Manara by Maria Asif Baig. It is not like anything you would have seen before, the fine work and the luxurious designs arejust a musthavethis wedding seadon!

State of the art embroidery techniques used on pure fabric and for the impeccable intricacy of detailing in modern silhouettes makes it the one of the most anticipated collection of this season.

Nihari Morning!

Here are some of our favorite nihari joints for this season! Let us know if your fave is on the list!

Waris Nihari, Lahore

Dilli Darwaza, Islamabad

Javed Nihari, Karachi



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