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Here’s a complete low-down on all that caught our editor’s eye the past week. What tickles your fancy ?

The Wife Upstairs A Novel:

By Rachel Hawkins

The plot might feel familiar in this feminist twist on a classic gothic romance. Broke dog walker Jane has her sights on the wealthy Eddie Rochester. Eddie’s got a past, but then again, so does she. Read to find out whether either of them can ever escape their secrets, or if their forbidden tryst is doomed to failure. It is definitely exciting and thrilling and once you start, you cannot put the book down for it keeps you at the edge of your seat. It’s time to invest in quality reading and you can only do so when you’ve got all the major elements sorted for a good book which includes the theme, the characters and the plot. Invest your Eid vacay in quality reading!

Something New! A Horror-Comedy at the Cinemas

Faizan Sheikh and Hira Umer rthe big screen for the very first time in the film “Udham Patakh” which went on air on Eid Ul Adha.The horror-comedy has been penned down and directed by Abu Aleeha, produced by Javed Ahmed Kakepoto, and also stars Syed Ali Rizvi, Shabana Hassan, and Taha Humayun in major roles.“I am super excited for this project. This project is a very budget tight independent film that has not been backed by any big channel or production house. This film is something very different and experimental and I believe this is a brave step to make a film like this, especially during Covid-19 times when the reopening of cinemas is still uncertain.”said Faizan Sheikh. “I have always loved watching horror comedy films and the fact that my first film ever is one of the first ever Pakistani horror comedies is really exciting.The whole cast and crew have worked really hard to add life and color to the film,” further added Hira Umer. The film is distributed by Metro Live Movies.

Pakistan to hold 180 Seconds Space Film Festival!

The National Center of GIS and Space Applications (NCGSA) has invited space enthusiasts and visual creators from all over the world to participate in the 180 Seconds Space Film Festival (180SSFF) through sharing their creative work in the genres of animation, fiction or documentary.According to an official of NCGSA, the film festival will be focused on the theme of “Space Science, Technology and its Applications”.The deadline for submission of the film is August 31, 2021, while the decision will be made within the month of October.The grand finale will be held in the month of November.

The Cutest Lot!

We are just complete suckers for all things cute. We are loving the accessories, and stationery you can find @999rupees. There is so much flair, color and zest that it just makes up for the perfect gift you could be giving to not just your lovely pals, but it has almost everything you can pamper yourself with. Get yourself treated with the best! Get into the ‘awww’ mode and check out the cool stuff at their Insta handle.

The Visually Perfect Spread

When it comes to eating, you definitely want something scrumptious and delightful. But what makes it even better is when you are able to ‘prep and plate’ your meal in such an amazing manner. We are definitely loving and enjoying the kind of ideas and looks being shared on this page and wouldn’t mind creating some of these awesome delectables, if we ever have the time to do so! Check them out @howtofoodprep



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